After that first night she finally gave in and at my urgings went shopping for play clothes. She would doll herself up and dress sexy to attract, then we would go to clubs for her to meet men and dance. I would come in a little later and watch her from a distance.

It got to where once a month or so we would get a babysitter, then go out and play this game. She always wore her wedding ring when we did this. At first she thought it would stop the guys from coming on to her, but it actually had the opposite effect. I think we both thought that nothing would happen. I was sure of it as she still felt guilty, and somehow bad about herself between outings.

The first signs of change happened the fourth time we went out like this. She was approached by a very handsome man in his mid thirties that started a conversation with her and ended up being with her at the club all night. I knew that she was getting bolder when after a slow dance, they walked off the dance floor hand in hand and sat in a booth with a couple of his friends.

There was not much room, so she squeezed into the booth and sat on his lap facing the table. She had worn a sexy sundress, and I could see her arrange her dress so that there was no fabric between her and his lap. She was discrete so it was not obvious, and I could tell he was reaching under her to play with her pantieless bottom. She would occasionally squirm or arch her back, then to my surprise twisted her head around to the side and kissed him deeply as the others at the table talked and laughed.

She was more open than before on the trip home and said that she could feel his cock straining under his pants and that he had tried in vain to unzip and slip into her. She added that by the time she told him she had to go, she had left a huge wet spot on the front of his trousers. I told her I had seen her lifting her skirt to straddle him and thought it was very erotic.

After a long silence, she asked if I wanted her to take a lover for real…. I asked her if she wanted to. She replied “I’m your wife and we have two kids, I don’t think that would be right!” I asked her again. “Would you like to be able to commit adultery and still have a happy marriage?'”… she wouldn’t look me in the eye, but just nodded “Yes”. I knew then that we had awakened a lust in my wife that would be well served by her sexy body and pretty face.

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