Saturday night came and Suzy looked very pretty. She had put on makeup and lipstick a little heavier than usual and had her nails done. When we left she wore a coat that covered her as she didn’t want the babysitter to do a double take. My wife never dressed like this.

The drive there took about an hour as we went to a nearby city as Suzy had requested. On the way there She was obviously nervous. I broke the ice by setting some ground rules for her. I told her to relax, we were just going out on the town like lots of couples, and that’s all. I expected her to dance with whomever she wanted, and to feel free to have fun. I told here we could leave whenever she wanted. This seemed to make her relax somewhat. I told her that she would now see for herself how she would attract other men.

I guess the thought of all this had excited her because as we got closer she complained that she was uncomfortable because her panties were wet. She couldn’t help but blush knowing it signaled that she was excited. I suggested that she take them off. She said that she didn’t think that was a good idea because her dress was so short. I told her to do what made her comfortable. Unknown to Suzy, I had asked around and checked the internet for a club that was suitable. I wanted an upscale place with a clientle that was closer to our age. I also wanted a place that was known for “pick-ups”.

As we pulled into the parking lot, she checked her make-up and then to my suprise lifted her rear off the seat and slid her panties off. She glanced at me and mumbled something about being more comfortable. I pulled up and told Suzy to go on in and I’d park. This suprised her but she could see other cars behind us so she went on ahead. I parked and went in briefly to find a guy already talking to her. I made up a story that I had been beeped from work, and would be out in the car on the cell phone and went back to the car.

After about two hours I went back in and found her drunk, sweaty and dancing in the arms of another man. On the way home she confessed that she had let a guy she thought was cute discretely handle her ass and tits….. I could tell she was feeling guilty, as she blamed it on the alcohol and said things had “gone too far” and she was sorry. But by the time we got home, she was extremely horny and admitted she had felt his cock against her as they danced.

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