Often, over the next couple of months when we were in bed she would ask why I would want her to dress to attract other men. She said it was not proper or fair to her family for a wife and mother to even consider it. She told me I should not get turned on by the thought of other men being with her as she is my wife. But it got to where she was the one who would bring it up, not me. I could tell it excited her when I hinted that I would like other men to bed her (even if she didn’t want to admit it). I knew she was turned on by our talk. I told her she had a body, that even after two kids, drives men wild. She said I was just being nice and insited she was too fat.

After one such exchange, I told her that if she didn’t believe me, we’d get a baby sitter, and go out to a night club . If she’d let me help her dress, she would find out for herself how the guys would be attracted to her. I felt a jolt of excitement when she didn’t turn me down cold. It was apparent she was nervous but very excited by the idea. My jaw dropped when I discovered later in the week that she had shaved herself. This was something I thought she would never do. She still hadn’t agreed to my “Night Club” suggestion, so I dropped it.

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