It was the spring of 95 or 96 that I really started to try and get her to loosen up. She was too modest to dress what I would call “sexy”, so I started encouraging her to show off a little more of her body which I think is terrific ( and told her so ). She was hesitant at first because she thinks her butt is too big. I told her to let me take some sexy pictures of her and when she saw them, she would agree that she looks great. She acted suprised and a bit indignant but I could tell she would with a little coaxing.

I told her to take off everything but her shirt and get on the bed. “Panties too? She asked, already knowing the answer. She hemmed and hawed, said she shouldn’t but I got some great shots anyway, all the time telling her she would be able to objectively view the way her body would look to others. I concentrated on photos of her ass to be able to prove my point to her and told her that most men would love to bed a woman with an ass like hers, especially if she was married. She acted suprised to hear me say that.

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