I got a call from Suzy at the office about 10. She said she felt hung over, and thanked me for getting the kids ready and calling her boss to say she was sick. She was sorry that things got out of control and was afraid that I’d be mad then she started crying. She said that it was unplanned, and she shouldn’t have drank so much. She said the men that were dancing with her at the club got her so hot.

She went on and on until I interrupted her and told her that she shouldn’t have brought him to our house, and with the kids there. She sobbed, saying over and over again how sorry she was. I told her that I loved her and understood how things can get out of hand. There was a silent pause on the line, then she asked if I realized that there was a good chance that she may have gotten pregnant. I told her that I thought that might be the case, and asked if he knew.

She said that once he had brought her home she thought he was just going to drop her off, but he followed her to the door and as soon as they were inside he wanted to get her in bed. She told him they couldn’t as it was a risky time to make love because she wasn’t using birth control. Telling him that was a big mistake.

When our little one surprised us she thought it would get him to leave, but once he found out that he had a chance to impregnate my wife in her own home with her husband and kids there, it got him rock hard and there was no stopping him. By the time he left the next morning, he had squirted his semen in her multiple times in his attempt to seed her.

I told her that although her judgment was impaired by alcohol, she knew she was at risk and she should have stopped him. I could tell she was worried..”Are you mad?… Please Honey… I love you.” I told her that I loved her too, and that although I was confused, I was also very turned on by the recent developments. I could hear the relief in her voice. “Why don’t you come home for lunch honey, and I’ll show you a new skirt and top I bought last week.”


She knew I would love it if she would model a sexy outfit she purchased. Buying and modeling sexy clothes was something new for her, so I told her I’d be right home. When I arrived, she was sitting on the couch in a black mini-skirt and a tight blue Lycra top. “What do you think, should I stop meeting with other guys?” I shook my head … “You’ve only had two, and I think you like it, so maybe you you need to date a little more.

She smiled from ear to ear as she showed me her new outfit. It turned out she didn’t get pregnant but until she tested, we were on edge. It was a very anxious and erotic time. I think we both sort of wanted it but it also scared us. Suzy didn’t say anything about setting up another date, and although I thought of it often, I decided it would be best to let her bring it up.

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