Her lover had become extremely aroused when she told him that she was unprotected. The eagerness with which he ejaculated inside her left no doubt that the idea of impregnating my wife appealed to him. I was amazed that she did nothing to stop him, but neither did I. I felt both confusion and jealously but got very hard.

I knew that by my lack of action, I was offering up my wife for impregnation by another man. By failing to intervene, I was encouraging them, and all I did was watch and take pictures. Once he came in her, I thought he would leave, but she kissed and cuddled with him for a while, then sucked on him to get him hard again.

As soon as his erection was back, she smiled and quickly complied when he told her to get on her knees and stick up her ass. I realized that for lack of a better term, she was in heat. He made love to her and probed her deeply, pushing in as hard as he could, letting his long penis soak and pump until he would pull her in close and shoot. I think they both took great pleasure in her being bedded while I waited or watched, and it appeared that Suzy would start to orgasm when she felt him cumming.

More than once she asked him to be quiet as she was afraid they would wake the kids. One point I brought her a towel while he was in the bathroom, she looked at me sheepishly and whispered that she could feel it deep inside when he was squirting semen. He ended up being inside her most of the night.


I finally interrupted and reminded them that he had to leave before the kids got up. After he was gone, I went back to check on Suzy. She was asleep and her hair hung across her face in strings as her whole head was soaked with sweat. The room smelled nasty, the sheets were damp from sweat and there were wet splotches on the bed where puddles of semen had leaked from her during the night. Her nipples were red and swollen, as he loved her big tits and had left some hickeys there as well.

Needless to say, the knowledge that my wife’s insides were flooded with another man’s semen was extremely arousing. But I also was starting to feel worried… he was a strong, young, virile black athlete and I was afraid she really might have a baby by him. I decided to let her sleep so I got the kids ready, and took them to day care and school. Then I called in sick for her at her office. After hanging up I wondered if the girls she was out with would think anything about it… she left the club with this guy and now is calling in sick?

Before going into work I left a note explaining what I had done and asked for her to call me at work when she woke up.

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