After about half an hour, I heard them pull into the driveway. When they came through the front door I could tell right away that Suzy had too much to drink. I had expected him to drop her off and leave, but now he was standing in our family room. I reached out and we shook hands, it felt akward. “Would you like something to drink?” He said he would, and I told him to have a seat. He and I were both suprised when Suzy walked over and sat on his lap, put her arms around him and started giggling. “Wasn’t he a sweetheart to bring me home Honey? I’ll have a drink too.”

I was almost to the kitchen when our four year old came walking down the stairs. She was half asleep. “Mommie, I want a drink of water”. I glanced at Suzy, and saw momentary panic in her eyes as she jumped out of his lap and streched out her arms. “Come to Mommie sweetheart, I’ll get you a drink of water.” Our daughter noticed our guest and watched him as Suzy carried her into the kitchen, “Mommie, you smell good…. why are you dressed like a movie star?” I realized she had never seen her Mom with so much makeup on. “Honey, Daddy will take you upstairs and tuck you in”. Suzy gave me a quick glance, I could tell she was nervous as she spoke. “Umm….. I’ll show your friend from work out while you take our little one up to bed”. Suzy gave her a good night kiss, and I took her up to her bedroom. As I was tucking her in I was wondering if she had noticed her mom sitting in his lap, and if she would tell her Grandma.

When I came back down Suzy was back in his lap. I saw them jerk apart for a moment in case it was one of the kids, but when they saw it was me they started kissing again.

I was a little put out as I thought she was going to show him out. As went going to get their drinks I could hear more movement in the Family Room so I took a quick peek. Now they were standing and pressed together. His shirt was off, she had pulled out his cock and he had her top pulled down and was sucking on one of her titties. He had also pulled up her dress, and removed her panties.

Suzy saw me peeking and broke free to come into the kitchen. She could see I was upset. “What are you doing!” I asked, trying to keep my voice down. “What if you get caught!” She was apologetic. ” I know, I’m sorry…. I told him he could drop me off and that was all.” I could see she was flustered and horny. “Well, are you going to show him out?” I asked. Before she could answer we head a small voice coming from upstairs calling for Mommie. I told Suzy that I would go upstairs and try to get our daughter to go to sleep, and that she could use that time for saying their goodbyes without having to worry about the kids, but then send him on his way.

She thanked me and gave me a big hug. I could see them start kissing again as I went upstairs. I ended up reading her a story and It took about half an hour before our little one went to sleep. Assuming he had left, I quietly left her bedroom and was on my way downstairs when I heard a noise coming from our bedroom. My first thought was that Suzy was getting ready for bed, but when I opened the door I was caught by suprise.


There, languishing on our bed was my wife in what appeared to be an orgasmic stupor. She had been stripped down to her garter belt, stockings and heels. Our Black “friend” was between her legs pumping her with slow deep strokes. They both looked at me when they heard the door. Suzy was the first to speak… “Oh honey, I couldn’t help it… you understand… right?”

Her Lover spoke next “Did you know she’s not on the pill?” He smiled and they kissed as he continued to pump her. Then he looked at me again. “You want me to knock her up?” Suzy’s eyes were closed, and all she could do was groan. I was shocked… she must have told him.

I didn’t know what else to do, so I got the camera. I realized how hot this was and nervously took some pics as started to shoot his semen into my wife on our marriage bed. His load was huge. I tried to get some pics of where they were joined as his cum started leaking out of her from around his cock which he left embedded after he finished.


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