Things cooled off for a while. Suzy is a full time working mom, and that keeps her pretty busy. However, I did notice a change in her since she had been bedded by two lovers. She wore skirts more often, and more makeup than she did before. Now I’d see her leaving to run an errand and notice she’d be wearing a tight shirt with no bra, and heels with her tight jeans instead of sneakers. It seemed that there was more of a sway to her hips when she walked. She carried herself more erect, her shoulders were back, her breasts pushed out.

The biggest change of all was that she accepted an invitation from some of her girlfriends at work to go on a “Girls Night Out”. I had never discouraged this but in the past she had always declined, telling me that they went dancing at the clubs and she didn’t think it would look right for a married lady to do that. I was ok with her “going out” without me until she was getting dressed.

The thing that bothered me was that under her dress, she wore a garter belt and stockings which she has never worn for me when we went out. She wore thigh highs when we met with her Black lover, but this time I wasn’t telling her what to wear. This time she chose her outfit herself. I also told her that based on what she said before it wasn’t a safe time of the month for her. She laughed. “Honey, I’m just going out with the girls. I’m not going to do anything that would get their tounges wagging.”

I swallowed my pride and told her to have fun. I guess I just didn’t want her out flirting with guys without me. After the kids were in bed, she finished dressing, touched up her make-up and got ready to leave. A horn honked out front signaling that her girlfriend was here to pick her up. She kissed me goodbye then left.

About three hours had passed and I was watching some late night TV when the phone range. It was Suzy. “You will not believe who I ran into”. She sounded like she was whispering into her cell phone. “The Black guy” she said. I was confused. “Who?” I asked. There was a pause. “You know… The black guy I spent the night with silly.” I was surprised. “What?… how did that happen? I was a little irritated. We went to alot of trouble to set it up out of town, and now she runs into him in our own backyard. She could hear it in my voice. “I know honey, it upset me too…. but he was cool, he introduced himself to the girls as a guy that you know through work, and was a real gentleman…. he offered to bring me home.”

My mind started racing “Do you think that’s a good idea?” I suspected Suzy had more to drink than normal. There was a pause on the line. “I already accepted” she blurted out, “I told the girls I really shouldn’t be out so late and that you’d be glad to see him again…. it seemed like the only way out… are you mad at me?” I thought about it for a second, what could I say at that point that would not be awkward “Ok… I guess so… the kids are in bed, and if he’s just dropping you off we should be ok”. She sounded relieved, “Thank You Honey… I love you”, and she hung up.

With a guest coming, out of habit I started straightening up the house.

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