We were both raised as Christians and remain active in our church. As a result of our conservative beliefs, after her last extra-marital date Suzy suffered considerable guilt. My failure to intervene and our obvious arousal at her adultery provoked a number of conversations about the issue of her fidelity.

We finally agreed that she wouldn’t be guilty of adultery if she dated other men with my approval. Given her post-date blues, it aways suprised me that she’d relied on natural methods during her two couplings with other men. We knew the risks, but she insisted the possiblities of a “suprise” were fairly remote.

Although I was ashamed to admit it I confessed to her that I wanted her lover to squirt her full of his sperm, as long as it was during her safer times. Although it was hard for her to admit, she said that her feelings as a woman made her desire a lover’s seed totaly bare, even though she was happily married to a man she loved.

We planned that she would only do this during the safer times of the month. We talked about getting her back on birth control if this was going to heat up and she would be dating when she was close to her fertile window. We both were drawn to the natural love making, skin on skin, ending with his juice in her.

Knowing she is married, unprotected and now had risked impregation by a black man was eroticly intoxicating. We thought to be fair, maybe we should tell her future dates, or maybe even find out if the idea of impregnating another man’s wife appealled to them.

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