I knew when I found her looking at Black Studs in the magazine that Suzy was ready for her first interracial sex. She had never hinted that she found Black Men attractive but I knew she was drawn to what she had see on the web about them and white wives. I asked her if she was curious about the talk of size of their equipment, which made her blush. When I asked again she smiled and said “Maybe”. Nothing more was said.

Later that evening I sent an email to her first lover, the baseball player who had met us at the beach. He was glad to hear from me, and was hoping to meet again. I burst his bubble when I told him that my wife was hinting about meeting a Black guy, and since our experience with him had been so good maybe he had a friend on the team that might be interested. He said he’d be glad to help, and knew just the guy, but added that he wanted to get with her again too.

I told him that we talked about using a condom but I knew she would not really like that so the guy had to be open to bareback and that we would require test results. He said that he would contact him and put us in touch if it looked promising. When I asked about this guy he said “He’s young, big, good looking, muscluar, hung and one heck of a ball player”.

Things moved quickly from that point. I had an email the next day that included his team mate’s email address. He had shown the guy a couple pictures of my wife and after some correspondence, which included some pics of him and his endowment, She was ready and a date was set. He was to be in our State in three weeks and we were to meet in the lounge/dance club of a hotel in a city about an hour from where we lived.

Arrangements were made for the kids to stay at her parents and the day soon arrived. Suzy was fully shaved. She dressed in a short black spagetti strap dress, and wore thigh-highs and heels. She left her bra and panties at home and as usual was having misgivings and guilt about what she was about to do.

We both knew that she still had not started taking the pill, and once again did not plan on using any birth control. She was not worried though as she said the the timing was perfect and that she was not at risk. I think we both realized that the chance that she could be impregated by another man was becoming a major part of the turn-on for us. The fact that that man was black made it gut wrenchingly hot for me, and I suspect her as well.

We met him as planned, they danced while I watched. Soon we were in the room, and it didn’t take long before this handsome Black athelete was squirting his first load of his sperm inside my wife. His thickness and the volume of his loads drove her wild, and It turned out she wanted to spend whole night which caught me by surprise.


I called her Mom after their first coupling and said we had some car trouble and that we’d be home in morning. Things got a little edgy when they offered to come pick us up. I had to come up with something so I told them the car was towed to a local shop and we had gotten a room.

For the rest of the night, he serviced my wife. I watched some, and spent some time in the lounge. By the time he left, Suzy and the bedsheets were a juicy mess and the room reeked of sex. She slept most of the way home having been worn out by her first Black lover. As I drove, I looked at her sleeping peacefully and wondered how long his sperm would be alive inside her.

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