Suzy walked on the beach as I sat and watched from a beach chair. She was trying to look relaxed, but was a little embarrased by the attention of guys that were walking by. They couldn’t help but stare. Before long, just as planned, the man we had met came walking toward her. She recognized him and walked to meet him. I could see them talking but could not hear what they were saying.

They looked over at me a couple of times during the conversation, then she kissed him and came walking over to me. “He wants to talk to you” she said. “I’m going up to the room, I’ll see you guys soon.” I could sense her excitement as I watched her walk up the beach to the Hotel. Her ass swayed in a way that told me she was thinking sex. It felt awkward as he walked up, took something out of his pocket and handed it to me. “This is my test, I’m clean… I have a Family too, and would not take a chance myself.” I checked the paper he had given me. “I want to take your wife bareback, and she said it was ok with her if it was ok with you.” I hesitated, but nodded my head .. yes. “Good” he said, “I told your wife I haven’t had sex in weeks saving up for her.” I knew he said this to let her know his load would be huge.

We took the elevator up to the 4th floor of the hotel and made our way to our room. When we entered, he excused himself to go to the bathroom and I went out on the private balcony to find Suzy laying nude on a beach towl. I asked if she was OK with this…. and as nervous as her giggles were I could tell she couldn’t wait to show him the woman she was. We had just agreed that bareback was ok when he appeared behind me with a towel around his waist.

As he dropped the towel and lay down next to Suzy he put his hand on the small of her back running it up the curve of her ass. “You’re a special kind of husband to be letting another man take your wife…. especially a wife that looks like this!”. Then he turned his attention to my wife and cupped one of her breasts. “You have nice titties Suzy, I bet you like showing them off to other men don’t you?” Suzy told me later that at that point she knew she would give herself completely to another man and that she would be fulfilling our fantasy by receiving her sexual pleasure to the satisfaction to both men.

He was being a complete gentleman and she twisted her head around to kiss him as he rolled on top of her. As he positioned himself, I could see a string of his pre-cum streaked across her thigh. “Push it up for me Baby” he said as he wedged the head of his cock into the crack of her ass. She didn’t have to be asked twice and pushed herself up so her rear-end stuck up putting her puffy pussy on display. He slid up to her up-turned ass and after a few moments of stroking her pussy with the head of his dick, he started to enter her. “Be gentle…” she said. “I’ll go slow. You’re going to love this,” he replied.

It took patience and perseverance. He slowly rocked back and forth. With each stroke, he gained a little more penetration. “Oh god, you’re sooo big! I’ve never felt so filled.” she moaned. She was starting to wiggle under him raising her hips to meet his thrusts. “I’m only half way in. Just wait until I get it all of it inside of you.” he replied. He continued his short probing strokes squeezing into her slowly until she could accommodate his large cock. Finally, his big balls came to rest on her. He had stuffed her full, and I could tell she loved it.

He started to pump her with slow deep strokes, pausing from time to time, pressed hard against her ass as if soaking deep in side her. “I can’t believe you’re fucking me sooo good… I could get used to this…. Ohhhhhh!” . . .she closed her eyes and orgasmed hard. This sent him over the edge and his movements became erratic. Then he pushed in as deep as he could, and started to squirt his hot seed into her. She turned her head back to him and they kissed deeply as he continued to spasm, shooting a fresh jet of semen into her each time he flexed his ass. They broke the kiss and she pushed against him the best that she could while he finished his ejaculation. WIth a shudder he finally collapsed on her.

They stayed like that for a long time. His long flaccid cock still connected to her like an umbilical cord. When he finally rolled onto his back displacing his cock, her cunt lips were swollen and her hole was open and leaking semen all over the towel. She kissed him passionately and he returned the kiss. Suzy had taken a lover. And I had watched her consumate her adultery.

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