I had been pestering Carol to come along to a swinging party ever since she started getting a bit too keen on one to one sex with my best mate. Although she was slim and attractive, Carol was not very outgoing and was shy around people she didn’t know well. She was really worried that she wouldn’t meet anyone she liked, and wouldn’t have a good time. By contrast, I was obsessed with the idea and spent most of the week before visualizing how great it was going to be having fantastic sex with exotic and beautiful women. I drove Carol nuts by trying to pick what I considered suitable clothes for her to wear, and offering to shave her pussy to make her really sexy.

On the night she chose her own outfit of tight black jeans, striped boob tube with no bra, and compromised with a neat trim. Finally the time came, and we were knocking on the green painted door which had been the focus of my attention for a full two weeks. The hostess met us at the door, took the bottle of rum I had brought for Carol, and my few beers, and introduced us around. Most of the couples were quite a bit older than our 21 years, but a guy in his mid 30’s took a shine to Carol, and brought his wife over to join us. Greg was tallish and slim with a slightly brash, outgoing personality, and his wife Lesley was quiet, soft and slightly plump. She was wearing a loose black blouse, with the top couple of buttons undone to reveal an awesome pure white cleavage and lacy purple bra.

Carol was very nervous and almost sculled the first strong rum and coke I got for her, but Greg soon put her at ease. He made sure her glass was never empty, and complimented her on how nice she looked, but kept the conversation light. Soon Carol was relaxed and laughing with Greg, and when they swept off arm in arm for a dance, Lesley seemed on the verge of drifting off to chat to another well dressed sophisticated couple. All I could think of was getting upstairs to the party rooms and getting into the orgy that I had been constructing in my mind for the last couple of weeks. I kept making clumsy references to previous sessions with Carol and my mate, and ogling Lesley’s tits.

This was not really going down too well, so when I saw Carol and Greg comfortably holding hands and heading up the stairs, I almost panicked, and immediately asked Lesley to come upstairs and join them. Obviously more experience than I thought, she half laughed and told me to at least wait until they got started! Finally Lesley agreed to come upstairs with me, and with my heart pounding we started looking through the party rooms looking for our partners. We found them in the second room, which was converted for the party with mattresses covering the floor. The lights were slightly dimmed, and there was a low dressing table with candles, incense burner and a bottle of massage oil.

Lesley had said to wait until they got started, but here they were, ten minutes later, and Greg, had Carol’s legs over his shoulders going at it like I had only seen in porno movies. I had seen Carol pretty before, but never like this! Her recently close trimmed pussy was spread wide open and Greg’s cock was going full stroke. I was pleased to see he didn’t seem as big as me, but he was making up for it with his energy. Every time he hit bottom, Carol let out a grunt, and on the upstroke his head came out of her pussy, and left it open until he rammed down again.

Lesley and I quickly got naked. Whereas Carol was slim and firm with smallish boobs, and small hard nipples, Lesley had soft full tits, with soft pink nipples, and plump thighs. I started to kiss her tits, which seemed a bit tame considering what was going on right beside us. Lesley was trying to cup Greg’s balls in one hand, and massaging Carol’s freely flowing cream between her ass and pussy. I was feeling a bit left out at this stage so I crawled between Lesley’s legs and started working on her with my tongue. This brought her attention back to me, and she started wriggling her hips around which was encouraging.

I was getting pretty worked up by now, so I slid up from between Lesley’s legs and started to work my cock into her. Carols pussy opens up as soon as she gets stimulated, and she creams up real quickly, but Lesley’s pussy was soft and tight and even after a good licking it took awhile to get right inside. By the time I was fully in I was really close to shooting, so I tried to take it steady. Lesley was obviously used to Greg’s piston style, and had other ideas. She lifted her ass off the bed and started humping me hard and fast. I tried to hold back but the pent up excitement from all the anticipation ,and Lesley’s soft tight pussy which felt like it was sucking the cum out of me, was too much and I felt myself squirting my full load too soon.

I tried to stay up, and get Lesley off too, but she was humping so hard I keep slipping out. Finally I was too soft to able to get back in. Lesley was understandably a bit peeved, and didn’t want to try anything else so we gave up and went back to watching Carol and Greg. Carol really likes to hold a cock deep inside and grind her clit against something firm, so now she had grabbed Greg’s ass and was grinding him in circles against her pussy. Lesley started to massage Greg’s balls again and rubbed her finger around the edges of Carols asshole. Carol doesn’t generally like anything inside her ass, but she goes crazy when she gets rubbed around between her ass and pussy. Lesley seemed to sense this and hit the spot real soon.

The intensity of the action picked up with Carol emitting her “ooff, ooff” and Greg pushing his cock in so deep they were moving up the mattress. We were soon rewarded with an outrush of breath as Carol changed to “uuhh, uuhh” and Greg’s cum started spilling out from around his cock. He must have had a huge cum because, it takes a bit to fill Carol and I had never seen so much leak out.

All this energetic action had attracted a few stray guys who were grouped as close around the mattress as possible. Most were stroking. A couple of guys were going slow, presumably hoping for some pussy action, but two decided to go for broke as soon as Greg rolled off they unloaded over Carol’s tummy and tits. One of the slow strokers moved around to her side and began to massage cum into her nipples. They were already stiff and dark pink, and now they glistened with sticky cum. The other guy had moved over to where Greg was cuddling up to Lesley, and looked like he wanted to finish off what I had started with Lesley.

I thought the guy who was rubbing cum into Carols tits would slip his cock in, but instead he leaned over and reached the dispenser of massage oil off the dressing table. He pumped out a good handful of oil, and placed his full palm over Carol’s pussy, adding to her and Greg’s cream. Two fingers disappeared immediately, and he started to move them around in a slow circular motion, with his palm pressed against her mound. Carol prefers cock to fingers, because she likes to be filled up, but she was still up from the recent action and started slowly humping against his hand. Her legs came apart as she lifted to his fingers, which were now moving in and out as well as rotating. I saw his hand pull out slightly as he rotated a third finger in. The slow circular motion was working for Carol and she was back up to “ooff, ooff” in time with the fingers. The hand came out a bit again as his little finger was rotated in alongside the others.

I had never seen anything like this, and got as close as I could to see Carol opened wide and shining with her cream and oil all over her pussy. Someone had pushed a pillow under her bum to make her more comfortable as she strained wide open. Four fingers were now rotating in and out as he pumped another handful of oil into the mixture of oil and cum already slurping around in her pussy. All eyes were glued on the action, and then with a slow swivelling push all four fingers went in right up past the knuckles. Carol’s ass came up off the pillow as she helped him push in. His whole hand was now inside my girlfriend gently rotating, except his thumb which he pressed against her clit. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was making “mmff, mmmff” noises as her legs started trembling.

One of the other strokers emptied over her tits, and this time I rubbed the warm cum into her skin. I could not believe I could get excited enough to do this, but I didn’t even think about it. At that stage I would have done just about anything to be part of the action. The number one guy really knew what he was doing, and as the trembling built up he pulled his hand back a bit and rotated around so his thumb went downwards. I couldn’t see, but by the look on Carol’s face, when his hand went back in again, I knew his thumb had slipped into her ass. I could tell this was going to be a really big cum, so I put my hands low on her tummy to feel the ripples as they moved up from her legs. As she was shaking and “uummffing” my cock spontaneously splattered cum over her lower belly. I grabbed her hand and rubbed it into her pubes, as she finally released.

The guy very gently unwound his hand, and as it came out we all strained forward to see the oil and cum leaking out. He grabbed his cock and with the head just inside rubbed it around her pussy, quickly emptying himself on her tummy as she slowly came down. It was suddenly quiet as a group who had been strangers half an hour ago realised they had just shared an experience as intimate as you can get! The guys who had just emptied their cum over my girlfriend, and enjoyed her body in the most intense way, now didn’t mostly didn’t make eye contact as they drifted away.

I cuddled up to her as she came back down, and as soon as her legs would carry her we went to have a shower and clean up. We wandered round for awhile perving on other couples, but Carol was keen to hook up with Greg again for a last dance. She slipped off and I was left to my own devices, which was a bit of a bummer. I found Lesley sitting on some guy’s face, and she seemed to have forgiven my earlier failure so I stood beside her playing with her soft white tits, while she sucked me off. This was pleasant enough but lacked the intensity of the recent experience.

After I finished, I went for another look around and found Carol going another round with Greg. It was getting pretty late, and most of the women had got dressed and were chatting amongst themselves downstairs, so there was only one chubby guy with a pot belly stroking beside Carol and Greg. I only stayed long enough to watch him splashing her beautiful tits with another creamy load. I suddenly began to wish we could go home and just cuddle up by ourselves. Downstairs, I joined the group of slightly dishevelled partygoers chatting about the night and waiting for the stragglers to come down stairs. Greg called us several times over the next few months, wanting to get together, but surprisingly Carol wasn’t that keen. She was always happy to move on.

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