My best mate Dave had recently split up with his live-in girlfriend, and I had gone over to his place with my girlfriend, Carol and to hang out and listen to music. We were all pretty good friends as Carol, Dave and I had shared houses with various others over the years, although we had never talked seriously about sharing girlfriends. The closest it had ever got was strip poker or some other excuse to get naked and play some tame forfeits, but nothing more.

This afternoon it was obvious that Dave was extra horny, from missing his girlfriend, because he started teasing Carol about if she was wearing sexy underwear. This was an “in” joke because at one of our strip poker games she had once refused to join in because she was wearing her boring big cotton knickers. Carol responded by getting a bit flirty and offered to show Dave she had some nice new panties on, if Dave would do a dare for her. Of course Dave agreed and so Carol peeled off her shorts, and paraded around holding her tee shirt up so we could admire her new panties.

Carol told Dave his dare was to strip naked and run once around the front yard. Considering it was a Saturday afternoon, and the front yard was in full view of the street, Dave thought this too big a dare, but agreed if Carol would take off her tee shirt when he returned. After a couple more drinks Carol and I were standing at the front door to watch Dave streak around the front yard. Even with a bit of a buzz on Carol was a bit hesitant about taking off her tee shirt as she was the only girl, but agreed to what she thought was a reasonable compromise. She agreed to take off her panties, thinking her long tee shirt would protect her modesty, and the boys would still get a bit of a thrill, knowing she was naked under her tee. She has small firm boobs, and never wore a bra.

Dave jumped at this, so Carol carefully removed her panties. She sat back down on the lounge with her feet tucked underneath her and the tee pulled carefully into her lap to keep her covered. Dave and I were both getting pretty excited by now, and this was increased 100% when, after a few minutes Carol got up to go the bathroom, giving us a flash of her ass and cute bush. Pretty much as soon as she returned Dave started teasing Carol about taking off her tee. She responded by telling Dave if he wanted it off he would have to come and take it off himself. Of course Dave wasted no time in moving in and trying to pull it up and over her head. Carol struggled in a half hearted sort of way and while they were playfully rolling around on the lounge, I was treated to glimpses of boobs, ass, and that tantalizing bush.

After a short tussle, Dave was lying on his back, and Carol had rolled on top to tickle him. Her legs were parted as she straddled him giving me the most exciting view of her puckered asshole and pussy. My heart was pounding with excitement, and without really thinking about what I was doing, I reached between Carol’s legs and grabbed Dave’s cock. I started rubbing it up and down between her pussy lips, and trying to push it into her. The giggling and tickling stopped immediately. Dave started to push up, his cock trying to find her hole, and Carol started to clench her ass and grind her pussy down onto Dave’s cock. As I worked Dave’s cock back and forward, I was getting an unbelievable view of it starting to disappear into her pussy. I could feel her heat on my hand, as she started humping against Dave’s cock. I had nearly got the head inside her, when I felt it spasm, and watched as his cum came pumping out over Carol’s pussy. Almost straight away his cum slippery cock disappeared all the way in. Carol started really riding it now, and I could see Dave’s shaft coated with creamy cum pumping in and out. I quickly pulled my own shorts and shirt off without missing any of the show.

I was mesmerized watching the creamy ring of cum around Dave’s cock as it moved in and out. Carol was getting into it now, and the sounds of them fucking was making me so excited I could hardly breath. Dave got squeezed out a couple of times, because he was getting soft, and Carol was riding him harder and harder trying for her own cum, but she was so wet she slipped him back in easily. When Dave slipped out again, instead of pushing him back in Carol rolled off him, came to where I was sitting on the floor behind them, and sat on my cock. She was so wet with Dave’s cum and her own excitement, I slid in straight away. I reached around behind her to feel how wet and excited she was, and started to finger her ass. As she rocked back and forward, I worked the tip of my finger into her asshole, which she had never let me do before.

Her nipples had gone really hard bright pink, her eyes were closed in concentration and I could tell she was getting ready to cum. By now I had my finger halfway up her ass, and I could feel it starting to spasm at the same time I could feel her pussy fluttering on my cock. As I let go I had the satisfaction of feeling the ripples of her cum run right through her. When she gets really hot Carol tends to stay up for awhile, so even though she had just come she readily started to stroke Dave’s cock as soon as he put it in her hand. Carol rolled off me and lay on her back to let Dave inside her again. As she opened her legs, I could see cum all over her pubic hair, and puffed out lips.

Dave pulled her ass up off the floor and kneeled in front of her so he could get the best view of her swollen pussy. This was all he needed to get fully hard and slide in again. Now we were all watching Dave’s cock sliding in an out of Carol’s pussy. I had been pretty turned on by pushing my finger up her ass, so I reached under Carol and slid it in again, as she bucked up and down. Carol was flying again by now and was rubbing her clit as Dave pumped in and out. I grabbed Carols hand and started to rub it around where Dave’s cock was slipping in and out of her. Carols pussy can stretch quite a bit, and when she is really hot, sometimes she will let me slip my finger into her pussy beside my cock, so now, I started to work one, then two of her fingers into her pussy alongside Dave.

They were both bucking pretty hard, and it was pretty tricky to keep my finger up her ass while holding her hand with two fingers in her pussy while Dave pumped his cock in and out. Soon she was going over the edge again, puffing and grunting with the concentration. This set Dave off and he gave her another big empty. Dave and Carol were keen for a bit of a spell, but I had only come once so I was still hot. I talked Carol into letting me massage her back with baby oil, so she lay on her tummy with me kneeling between her legs rubbing oil on her back and legs. This way I could see her gaping pussy, with cum running out. As I massaged her back and bum, I squeezed her ass cheeks and spread them apart so I could see her puckered asshole, and creamy pussy. I was so hot it was unbearable.

I rubbed heaps of oil on her bum, and started to rub my cock in between her cheeks. It felt so good, I reached around underneath her and started massaging her tits. This started getting her going again and I could feel her alternatively grinding her pussy into the carpet, and raising her ass up to rub my cock. Carol arched her back so Dave could rub his cum covered cock head across her face. I pulled back a bit and tried to slip my cock into her pussy again, but she was a bit tender after being fucked twice, and stretched with her two fingers as well. She pulled away from my cock a bit which brought the head directly against her asshole. I gently pushed down, and felt my cock gently open her ass.

Carol tensed a bit as the head slid in but didn’t pull away. She gripped my hand which was still cupping her boob and squeezed it hard as I gently eased in more and more. Carol was moving her ass in little circles and grinding her pussy into the carpet. I kept still to stop from cumming and clenched my cock to her rhythm. We were all right up there again. Dave realized that I was in Carol’s ass, and tried to come round to watch. I gently raised her up so she was on all fours, and Dave crawled around underneath so he could see. Now Carol was up off the carpet, I reached round and firmly cupped her pussy in my hand. Sometimes when she has had enough of rubbing her clit, she likes to gently press her mound to get herself off.

It was unbelievable! Everything was so sloppy and wet, and I could smell Carols hot sex, and our cum. Dave was trying to lick Carol out through my fingers, and despite her previous sensitivity Carol had guided my fingers into her pussy again. Dave was rubbing his cock over Carols face, as I felt her starting to spasm again. Her ass was grabbing my cock and her sloppy pussy was tensing on my fingers. I couldn’t hold on any longer, and let go in her ass. We collapsed on top of Dave who was still trying to jerk his cock off on Carols face. He begged Carol to let him look at her cum covered pussy and ass while he jerked off on her. Although she was pretty well bushed, she rolled over and opened up for him. He quickly knelt between her legs and started stroking. Her pussy was wide open, and slippery with cum, and Dave gently rubbed her lips with his cock as he stroked. Carol closed her eyes and began to lift her hips very slightly to meet him.

Needing no further invitation Dave slipped in again. Grabbing her ass with both hands he lifted her hips up began to grind her pussy into him. One of Dave’s hands slid from Carol’s hip and down between her ass cheeks. She grunted as his finger found her hole. I moved around so I could jack off with one hand and play with her tits with the other. Her nipples were hard and wrinkled, and she was trying to cum again. Dave was still grinding Carol’s hips up and down, so I reached down and rubbed her pussy lips each side of his cock. Carol lifted one of her hands from beside her on the floor and pushed my fingers into her again. I couldn’t believe she could stretch so much. Dave’s eyes were glued on her red open pussy, as he pumped her back and forward. I came in my hand, and rubbed it all over her nipples.

Dave was having trouble cumming again in Carols stretched pussy, so he pulled out and jerked himself all over pubes. She reached down and gently rubbed his come into her hole and over her clit as she came again.

All this had happened without planning and with hardly a word said! We had many more episodes over the years, although probably none as raw and exciting as this one.

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