My wife Marie and I had talked about bringing another man into our bed. Our talk was mostly during sex and it usually revolved around an old boyfriend of hers that she hadn’t slept with but said that she wished she had. She just knew that he would have been great. I told her that if she wanted to we would give it a try and she jumped at the chance.

We went to a town about 50 miles north of our home to a club that she knew he used to go to frequently. We had been there about 30 minutes, enough time to have two or three drinks to calm our nerves when she saw him come in. I had never seen him before but I must admit that he was quite gook looking. He had a seat at a table not far from us and ordered a drink. As planned Marie got his attention and motioned for him to come over and join us. She introduced us and began to talk about old times. Before long the conversation turned to the old days when they used to date. She said that the only regret she had was that they had never really gone to bed together. His eyes lit up and he said that he was sorry that it had never happened too. I spoke up and said that that could be easily taken care of if they didn’t mind someone watching. Marie said that it was fine with her if it was alright with Bobby.

With that we left and headed to Bobby’s apartment. Marie and Bobby went into the bedroom and I waited to give them a chance to get started. When I looked in they were both naked and having a great time. Bobby had a mouthful of Marie’s boob and she had his cock in her hand stroking it. I took a chair next to the bed but I wasn’t noticed.

Bobby began to kiss Marie on her tits and work his way down to her belly and then on to better things. With her legs spread and his face buried in her cunt you could see her eyes light up and hear him lapping up her love juices. She turned her head to me and smiled and told me to undress and play with myself for awhile and then join in if I wanted to.

Bobby came back up and straddled Marie’s chest and layed his cock between her 38 D tits and began to hunch. As his cock came out at the top Marie would lick it and get all of the juices that were leaking out. Bobby was excited and the precum was flowing heavy. Bobby moved on up and Marie took his cock into her mouth and began to suck it and jerk it with her hand. It looked odd but so great to see her with another man’s cock in her mouth and watch her handle it and suck it. Her bobbing head with that long thick cock sliding in and out was driving me crazy. I began to beat off as Bobby began to moan louder. Finally he pull his cock out of her mouth and went down to do some serious screwing. I got up and came over to the bed and knelt next to Marie’s head. She turned and took my cock into her mouth and started giving me the best head I had ever had. It made my balls ache.

Bobby continued to pump that big cock of his into Marie and she contined to suck my dick like it was her last meal. Bobby held one tit and I held the other. When he leaned down to suck her tit again I pulled out of her mouth and went around behind them to get a good look at my wife being screwed so very well. Bobby’s balls were slapping against Marie’s ••••••• and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I slip down between their legs and began to lick first Marie’s cunt and ass and then Bobby’s cock and balls sending them both hunching like crazy. I could see Bobby’s ass tighten up and I knew he was cumming so I grabbed his balls and milked them while he filled Marie’s cunt with his hot cum. She screamed, wadded and shook all at the same time. He rolled off after a few minutes and I couldn’t resist but to give her pussy a kiss and then lick up some of his cum.

I then climbed on and felt my first sloppy second fuck. Her pussy felt like velvet, it was so wet and slippery with his cum. As I began to screw her he slip up and layed his cum covered cock onto her lips and she gobbled it down, bobbing on his cock and licking his balls to get every drop that was left of his cum.

As she sucked, his cock began to grown again so I rolled Marie over onto her side and Bobby took the hint and layed behind her. He slip his hand down between her legs, rubbing her cunt and my dick and then rubbing her •••••••. Then came her surprise as he rubbed the head of his cock against her browneye and then he shoved and he was in. She gasped but then began to hunch all the more. I cold feel his cock as it rubbed mine through the lining inside her and it felt great. The faster one of us fucked the faster it made the other one go.

I could feel my balls tightening and then there was no holding back and I blasted my cum into Marie. When I pulled out so did Bobby. Marie bent over to do the same for me she had for Bobby and suck my cock clean, but Bobby held her back and took my cock into his mouth and began to lick and suck off Marie’s, mine and his cum. Marie watched as for the first time she saw my cock sucked by someone else and it was another man. She bent down to help him.

With them in a 69 position to me I took advantage and began to lick both cunt and cock as fast as I could. Marie then moved back and I took Bobby’s cock into my mouth and we 69ed each other while she watched. We both grew hard again and continued to suck. I had never sucked cock before but I must admit his was wonderful. The head was so full and the shaft was so thick I could see why Marie wanted it so bad.

Marie ask if she couldn’t get in on alittle of the action too so Bobby and I pulled away and I mounted Marie’s chest and stuck my cock into her mouth. Bobby in turn got behind me and the next thing I knew I felt his cock going up my ass. As I pulled out of Marie’s mouth he would push forward and the next thing I knew his entire cock was up my ass. It didn’t take long for me to blow my wad into Marie’s mouth. The sight of my cum running out of the corner of her mouth sent shivers through me and made me tighten up my ass even more. Bobby caught up to me and I could feel the same thing that Marie had felt earlier, his wad going off in my ass. It was quite a new feeling. I had never sucked a cock or been ass fucked before but then again I had never watched my wife fuck and suck another man before.

When we finally unhook we layed there with Marie holding each cock and us each holding her beautiful tits. We let Bobby in on the fact that we had planned on picking him up and he was very happy that we had this idea. He said that he was sorry that he and Marie hadn’t fucked when they were dating but if they had this might not of happened and he was sure glad it did.
We have since seen Bobby several more times and we are thinking about opening things up to others.

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