My wife Tori and I decided to open up our sex lives to other people this year and have enjoyed several new experiences. We are both surprised how excited she gets when she is with a new partner and how adventurous she has become. I read a story about a blindfold fantasy here so I thought I would pass on a little adventure that we had.
When we first started playing we tried to cover any fantasies that she had. It became clear to me that she loved the idea of having sex with a total stranger. One Saturday night I told her to be prepared because she was going to have an adventure that evening. I didn’t tell her what the adventure would entail but that she just had to trust me.

I had arranged to have a man, a total stranger to her, come to our house that evening. My plan was to have her first contact with her adventurer be purely sexual. No introductions, no chatting, just some kind of immediate sexual activity. I then thought that it might be exciting to put her in a position in which she couldn’t see him either at first touch. At first I thought I would have her be waiting on all fours with the mirrors in the room covered so that he could come in behind her. At 8:00pm her surprise arrive. I had met a 25 year old member of the U.S. Air Force that was single and horny. I had told him about our plan and though he didn’t believe it was true, after seeing pictures of Debbie he agreed to help us with our fantasy. I won’t go into detail on Debbie or Tim’s hgt and wgt’s etc. because I am going to try and add a pic from that night at the end of this story.

Debbie got into a slinky black dress with no underwear as I had instructed and waited in the bedroom. She was nervous but very turned on. Tim waited in the living room, also nervous and not sure all this was real yet. As I was about to bring in Tim I noticed a red piece of cloth that had been part of a little magic set that our son had and had since lost most of the pieces to. On a lark I decided to see if it would work as a blindfold. It fit perfect and now Tori was really excited as she lay back onto the bed, waiting for her adventure to begin.

Tim and I agreed that when he entered the room he was not to speak at all. That way the only sensation that Tori would have of him would be sheerly by touch and smell. I told him that I wanted his first touch to be completely and overtly sexual. Ideally I would have loved their first contact to be as he pushed himself into her, but I knew he would probably need a minute to arouse himself since he was a little nervous.

We went into the bedroom and Tori inhaled a nervous breath as she heard us enter. Tim took off all of his clothes and moved towards her on the bed. Tori’s first physical contact with this stranger that she had never met or seen was when he lifted her short dress up slightly and buried his tongue in between her legs. Tori’s head shot back and she took a deep, quick excited breath as he began to lick her. She lightly moaned as she clearly was trying to settle herself from the excitement and newness of what was happening.

Tim knew that I wanted him to enter her as soon as he was able and he didn’t disappoint. Within 20 seconds of his first contact with Tori he slid up and buried himself into her. The blindfold/stranger scenario apparently helped fuel Tori’s excitement because she immediately wrapped her legs around him and buried her head into his should as he pumped into her.
I cannot tell you how exciting it was to watch my beautiful, sexy wife of 10 years taking in this total stranger that she had never seen or spoken too and only first touched less than a minute earlier.

Tim suddenly relaxed and realized that this was no dream and really started to pound into Tori. At this point she was still on her back with her dress pushed up to her hips. He wanted to see her beautiful breasts so he wordlessly pulled her up and slid the dress off. Then he layed back to have her climb on top of him. Instead she slid down and took his hard cock into her mouth. Originally I had intended the blinfold to stay on just for the first moments to make the first contact that much more exciting. As she ran her tongue up and down his twitching manhood I asked her if she was ready to take the blindfold off and meet her new friend. To my surprise she said no, she was enjoying the fantasy. So I moved in behind her and slid into her as I watch her suck the cock of a man that she had never seen or heard, only felt and tasted.

Tim and I did Tori in every possible position with he blindfold still on. At times she would feel a hard cock hit her lips and she would let it enter her mouth not knowing which one of us it was until she started sucking. The blindfold finally became to hot to wear so it was time to come off. If they were going to meet I wanted it to be done right. I had her lay back and he slid back into her missionary style. Now with his nearly exploding cock deep inside her, Tori’s legs up in the air and their faces only inches apart I removed the blindfold so that she could meet the man that she had been having sex with for over an hour.

Tori’s eyes ran up and down Tim as she tried to conect the man that was pounding into her to the one that had only been half imagination, half reality up until that point. This seemed to kick them both into overdrive and they started to go at it with a fury. Tori didn’t want me to get left out so she got on all fours and took me into her mouth as Tim took her doggy style. Doggy style is her favorite position and that was no secret to me as she moaned all over my cock. I suddenly felt the surge of orgasm hit me and I came all over Tori’s face. Tim saw this and let loose shot after shot deep into Tori. Tori loves the feeling of a man coming inside of her and the look of bliss on her face as my cum dripped off of her is burned into my memory.

Setting this up was risking and exciting. It could have been a fiasco. So many things could have gone wrong to destroy the fantasy but instead everything went right beyond my wildest dreams. That nights success opened us up to the possibilty of chancing other fantasy scenarios that we never would have thought possible before.
Who knows, maybe someone reading this will be part of one of our next adventures!

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