My wife is a very conservative exec VP but has somewhat of a wild (but not too wild) side. She is 40 somthing and has the body of a 28 yr old. 36c 26 38…gorgeous full ass, firm tits with very big pink nipples…gorgeous legs(especially in heels)

Last summer she visited NYC with a very close male freind of hers that is gay. He has been in a relationship since he was young. They were talking during the drive to the city and he expressed an interest to seek out some casual sex. My wife ,according to her,has never had sex with anyone since being married to me. They decided to go to a club that has been noted for casual sex encounters.

My wife dresses very conservative at work but when out on the town she loves to dress hot and freqeunt all night rave dance clubs in NYC. The night they went out she was wearing a pair of high platforms, a black mini skirt, with a g string and a halter type top.

They walked into the club, it seemed dark at first but as thier eyes adjusted they saw a freindly type place with music blaring and an iviting dance floor. It did’nt look like a typical sex club that you have heard about. It was a very crowded bar with some people pairing off and making out but nothing more serious than that. They found a spot to stand at the far end of the bar in the dark corner where the L shaped bar met the wall.

They relaxed leaning on the bar sipping their drinks when a hunky type guy started talking to her freind. Within minutes they headed off to the “back room”, which they knew nothing about until this guy told them.

My wife was left alone leaning against the bar. She felt a bit uneasy being left alone in the bar not knowing how long she would be left alone or wether she would see her freind again that night.
After her second long island iced tea her fears seemed to subside. Not to make eye contact with other patrons at the bar she kept leaning forward pretending to watch the TV behind the bar. Although she was dressed hot she did not want to give anyone the impression she was there to pickup anyone.

The bar was still very crowded and her freind had been gone for over 30 minutes. She order her third drink and started to sip it when she felt a casual bump agains her ass. She thought nothing of it because the bar was so crowded. After a few seconds she felt a second bump and then a third. She knew now that these bumps were no accident but she never turned around. Feeling a litte uninhibited after the drinks she ever so slowly backed her ass up a few inches and felt what she thought was a guy with a hard cock. Upon contact with her ass to this guys crotch she felt him press it against her. She never resisted, instead backed up and put more pressure agains his cock that was straining in his pants. She was now gettting very hot but knew in her mind that she really couldnt have sex with him. She was enjoying this rubbing session and so was he. After a couple of minutes of gringing he gently grabbed her hips and pulled her ass firmly against his cock. She reciprocated by grinding back, rubbing her ass against his hard meat.

She was so horny…he now slid his hands under her mini and was feeling the outside of both thighs. While he was doing this she could feel her skirt riding up her ass. He backed a away just for a couple of seconds while leaving one hand on her thigh. She felt him put his second hand back on her thigh and also felt a huge peice of meat between her legs! He took his cock out! She was flabbergasted but so horny she did not resist. She was very horny but also very afraid that this stranger would try to slip his cock in her. She remained bent over but closed her legs slightly. By doing this she actually clenched his cock between her thighs and the top of his cock was right against her g-string crotch. He then held her hips and started fucking her inner thighs. The friction against her panty crotch was soaking her pussy.

The music was so loud and the room so dark no one was paying them any attention. The other were probably busy with thier own business.

She felt one of his thumbs move under her g-string and pull the material from out of her asscrack and also begin to expose her pussy. He was still pumping against her during this. Her pussy lips were now partially exposed and he was rubbing his shaft against them. She knew her juices were lubricating his shaft. This was the last straw…she started to pull away because she didnt want this complete stranger to put it in her. He seemed to get the message because he took his cock out from between her legs and layed in along her ass crack. He took his hands from her thighs and placed them on the sides of her ass to squeeze his cock with her ass cheeks. She knew at this point her mini skirt was above her waist and her lucious ass was completely exposed! She was so wet and horny she didnt care. He began pumping his cock between her cheeks in a rythmic motion and she was rocking back and forth with him. The pace got quicker and quicker. He was franticly fucking my wife’s ass crack and she loved it. She was now comfortable that he wouldnt try to penetrate her so she began to finger her clit. Just as she began to cum she felt him give her one more long thrust and he shot a hot sticky load all over her back!!!

After he came that huge load on her he placed her G-string back in her ass crack and lowered her skirt. She was still leaning against the bar but now exhaused from cumming and reciveing a cum shower. He reached his face around and gave her a kiss on the cheek without uttering a word.
She was still panting but never moved her position. SHE NEVER SAW HIS FACE! ….or any part of him for that matter!

I always ask her to repeat this story while she gives me hand jobs. IT MAKES ME SO HOT! She swears to me that every bit of the story is true and that has been her only sexual encounter since we’ve been married.

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