I discussed our first time in “A day at the beach.” After having seen my wife Chel in action for Leon at the beach I was looking forward to a chance to take charge of Chel’s sexual charms and showing them off. The problem was that once I got her home and her head got clear all she could do was blame me for her behavior. She said it was my fault that she was naked in the first place and that she would have never been naked on her own. She also said that if it wasn’t for me she wouldn’t have gotten high and lost control. Chel said, “If you think your ever going to get me to go to a nude beach again your crazy.” Chel may have made up her mind that she wasn’t ever going to do it again but I was determined to have her act for me the way she had on the beach.

It took over six months just to get Chel to loosen up enough to let me play with her in the car they way we always had and I’d guess that after about a year, all was forgiven. Chel was letting me pull her skirt up when we were driving and unbutton her blouse. At night in bed I would tell her how I fantasized about her having sex with other men with me there. One night Chel said, “If we ever do it again, it have to be somewhere safe and with safe people.” “Doing it with total strangers in public was terrifying. Those guys treated my like a whore.” I said, “Don’t you worry honey, if we do it again we will do it with people who respect you and appreciate how beautiful and sexy you are.” She said, “You really want this don’t you?” “You want me to let someone else have me.” I said, “Chel since I met you, I haven’t been able to get over how beautiful you are, and I can’t get over how much you turn me on. I want all of the world to know how good I have it.” “No one is as good as you.” Chel said, “You really think men would be jealous of you? I said, “If they could see you when you are hot they would turn green with envy.” With that she smiled and kissed me. I knew that I was in.

From then on, I started working on my plan to get two friends of mine in bed with my wife. The two friends were Gary and Don. Don was my best friend, we were pals from high school and he was my favorite drinking buddy. He was married, so I knew he’d keep his mouth shut. Gary was single very quiet and didn’t have much luck with the ladies, so I figured he’d be so grateful. He wouldn’t screw it up.

I waited a while to broach the subject and got my first chance when the three of us had gone out drinking and ended at a strip club. We were talking about what a rip off lap dances in the club were and Don said, “What I would like is if we had a broad that all three of us could bang.” I told him that I was working on it. He said, “Like who?” I said, “Chel.” He said, “You are kidding, aren’t you?” I said, “No, the woman loves me and I think that if I play my cards right I might get her to do it as a one time thing.” “If I could, would you be interested?” Don said, “That prude, your wife?” “I’m guessing all she would do is lay there.” And, if you think I am going fuck her while you have her tied up or blindfolded, your nuts.” I ain’t going to jail for this.” I said, “No man, Chel is one hot woman. She give’s great head and she can Fuck any way you can imagine.” Don said, “If she wants it, we’ll give her all she wants won’t we Gary?” Gary could do nothing but nod and smile.

That night when I got home, I couldn’t wait to tell Chel. “You told them they could Fuck me??!!! “And that I suck cock?!!” Chel was a bit upset. “Look, I know these guys will be perfect gentleman, they’re my friends.” I said. “Fine,” said Chel, “I give up. I’ll do whatever you or your friends want. If that’s what you want.” “That’s what I wanted to hear Chel.” “I love you honey, Thank you!” “I know that if you relax you will be fine and I know that the guys will appreciate it too.” “No man, could have a wife more perfect than you.” I couldn’t have been happier.

We decided that we would do it at Gary’s apartment the next Friday night. That way Chel and I could leave any time. I called the guys and let them know. They sounded pretty up for it too.

When the big night came, Gary made steaks for us all and the four of us sat around eating and drinking and trying to avoid having the situation seem to weird. After dinner Gary put on some slow music and I grabbed Chel’s hand and we started to dance. After a few minutes Don cut in for a few turns and then Gary also held Chel in his arms and spun her around the floor. When the next song came on I started to dance with Chel and then reached up and pulled the straps of her sun dress off of her shoulders. It fell on the floor leaving Chel in just her bra, panties and sandals. It wasn’t a moment later when Don cut in and proceeded in my place. He pulled Chel to him gave her a kiss on the lips and reached behind her to undo her bra. It too ended up on the floor. This must have been to much for Gary because he pulled Chel away from Don and gave her a very passionate kiss.

He then looked at Chel and said, “Come with me,” and proceeded to walk her to his bedroom. I followed behind them. When I got to the door Gary closed and locked it! I stood there staring at the door a second when Don punched a beer to my arm and said, “Beer?” “It is his house, he should go first.”

Needless to say this wasn’t what I expected. Don and I sat in the kitchen talking for almost an hour before Chel and Gary came out. When they did, Chel was wearing Gary’s shirt, smiled at me and walked over to Don. She grab his hand and simply said, “Are you next?” and the two of them headed of to the bedroom. Those two must have lasted an hour and a half and when they finally were finished. Chel came out fully dressed and tells me it time for us to go.

When we got in the car, I asked her if everything was all right and she said it was fine. I asked if she had fun and she said, “Yes its fun, I do like turning men on, and doing what they want but I only want to make love to you.” “Are you happy now?” I told her, “Honey you were perfect, I know the guys enjoyed you as much as I do.” Chel, said “That’s what you want, right?” I said, “Oh yes baby.”

The other thing that I wasn’t expecting in doing this was that the very next day, I got a call from Don wanting to know, “when am I going to get another piece of Chel’s ass?” I told him that getting Chel to do it was a special thing and that maybe we should try it again in a month or two and that I didn’t think it would be a good idea to push her. Don said, “Man, me and some of the guys are going clubbing this afternoon, why don’t you and Chel join us? She would be so much better than lap dances, we could hide her under the table.” I laughed and said calm down. First I am going fishing with Gary and second Chel isn’t that kind of girl. This was a special night that she was doing for her husband, get it?” Don said, “Yes, I get it, you won’t ask her for a friend.” I said, “Yes Don I won’t do your dirty work, you can’t use my wife like that, maybe you should pay for a hooker?” “Fine” says Don, “you have fun, I’ll handle it on my own.” and hung up.

The episode concerned me, but I decided not to bother Chel with it. Soon I got myself ready to head out with Gary to a nearby lake. When I went to tell Chel I was leaving she was on the phone giggling with one of her girlfriends. She said that as long as I was going out she might spend some time with her friends. I told her I would see her tonight and left for the day. When I was out fishing with Gary we talked about, how it went with Chel, and Gary agreed that Chel was doing it for me. I then told him about my discussion with Don and Gary said that I shouldn’t worry. That Don knows where he can find a whore if he wants one. It really made me feel much better to talk to Gary.

I got home kind of late, Chel was in the shower. I got into bed and waited for Chel to come out. When she did she was on top of me in a flash. She told me how much she missed me and how bad she wanted me. It was great. She sucked me hard then she asked me to make love to her. I rolled her off of me and put my cock into her soaking wet pussy. I said, “You have been thinking about me?” She said, “All day baby.” I grabbed her bottom to give her a good thrust and realized that Chel wasn’t only hot and wet, she had lubed her ass up for me! I stuck my finger up her butt and said you want it bad don’t you? She said, “Oh yes baby, take my ass” With that I did and I was never so happy in my life!

Having finally convinced my wife, Chel, to bed two of my good friends had me feeling about ten feet tall. Both Don and Gary had been impressed with Chel’s charms and Chel’s response the next night convinced me that her putting out for my friends was only an example of how much she loved me.

Other than that I didn’t get to see my bride in action and Don was very crude in his desire to share Chel’s charms again. All in all things had gone perfectly. In fact, Don’s attitude concerned me enough that I was convinced that it wouldn’t be the best idea to let him participate again. Every time Don asked about another night with Chel, he would say things like, “Let’s get her to pull a train,” or “how many guys do you think she’d do in a night?” I just ignored him and told him that he had to remember that this was a one time thing. Finally, he stopped asking.

I really thought that my life couldn’t get any better. I had the girl of my dreams and for the first time in my life I knew it was true, she had done everything I had asked her to do. Our love life was great and there was many a night when I would come home late and Chel would attack me, with her pussy wet and her back door lubed. She knew how to make her man happy and she was doing it.

As for my buddy Don, he had gotten over not being able to get back into Chel’s pants. It wasn’t long before I was hearing that Don had found some whore to perform for him and his pals from work. Don and those guys would stop at strip club not far from where they worked. Don would have this woman stashed in his van, who would put out for all of the guys. I thought this sounded pretty unbelievable and decided I had to check it out.

So, one day I called Chel and told her I was going to have to work late again and stopped over at the club. When I got to the club I found Don and his pals, mostly guys I didn’t know. They were sitting in a large round booth at the back of the club facing the stage. The guys were all laughing and having a good time but there wasn’t a spot available for me to join them. So Don got up and sat in the next booth with me. He asked me what got me to stop by and I told him I had heard that he had finally gotten that girl he was looking for and that I wanted to check out his van.

With that Don, laughed, he said, “So Gary let you know about the girl in the van?” “And you want to try her out?” I really had no interested in participating, despite having enjoyed Chel’s adventure I had no desire to cheat on her. So, I told him, “No, I don’t want to try her out, I just wanted to see if it was true.” “So, is she in the van?” Don said, “No, here’s the problem with using the same whore. After a while the guys think she’s pretty used. So most of these guys don’t want to fuck her.” I said, “So, you don’t bring her any more?” Don said, “No man, she’s under the table.” I said, “She’s where?” “She’s under the table and from the look on his face, I’d say she’s sucking Bob’s cock.” He said. “It’s really a good thing man, you get to sit back and watch a fine chick strip, while a whore sucks on your cock.” “You can’t beat that.”

I looked over at the table and realized that the plastic table covers went all the way to the floor and it would hide any funny business from anyone else’s eyes. I also was able to quickly figure out who Don’s buddy Bob was. He was the guy who was breathing funny and being given a hard time by the other guys. It was at about that moment that it hit me what Don really thought about women who were open with their charms. He really did see them as whores. I made up my mind that my one time asking Chel to put out was the last time.

It wasn’t long after that when I left and went home. When I got there, I found a note from Chel that she was out with friends. When she got home about two hours later, I couldn’t tell her where I had been, but I told her how much I loved her and how much I appreciated her. I kissed her long and hard and knew that I would never let anyone use her again.

It was probably a month later when Don and I and some of our old pals from school got together to watch a baseball game. After the game we started talking about all of us guys going on a fishing trip before the summer ended. We were going back and forth about if we should do it as a “guy thing” or a couples thing, and then Don said he didn’t think he could go without his wife, so it was decided to ask our girls. Don said he would coordinate who was coming and the cabin. When I told Chel, she was pretty excited and even volunteered to organize the food. Before we left Chel had me packing a ton of food into the car, so I was looking forward to a great weekend.

Chel and I were a little late leaving on Friday night, but we made good time getting to the lake. When we got to the cabin, it was one of those with a large kitchen and great room combination with the bedrooms down the hall. Gary, Don and several of the guys helped us to unload the car. When Chel and I started to take our stuff to a bedroom down the hall, I asked Don where his wife was and he said she couldn’t make it. By the time we got to our room, I mentioned to Chel that I hadn’t seen any other women there. Chel laughed and said, “That’s all right honey, I’ll be fine.”

It hit me again, just how special a wife I had. She had done all of this work figuring out food for the trip, talking with Don about how many people would be coming, doing the shopping and now, when there weren’t going to be any other women for her to talk to, she was still being a good sport. With that I gave her a kiss told her that I loved her and we headed out to join the guys.

When we got into the living area, the guys had dragged out a bunch of mattresses from the other bedrooms and put them together on the floor. For a minute I thought it looked like they were trying to put together a wrestling mat. But it soon became clear that wasn’t what was on their mind at all.

It was Don who announced, “Let’s get this party started.”

With that my young bride walked to the center of the room, in the middle of the mattresses and dropped her sun dress to the ground. She didn’t have a stitch on underneath. It was clear that she and Don had planned on her coming here and servicing the guys and everybody knew about it except me! Needless to say. Chel wasn’t standing there alone very long. The guys were on her in a second. In a minute she was sucking cock and within five minutes she had a cock in both her pussy and her mouth and it was clear that she knew what she was doing. There was only so much of this I could take, and eventually I went out on the porch and had a smoke.

About five minutes later, my good friend Don came out to talk to me. He told me that I sure had one hot woman and that there is just no way that one man could satisfy her. He said that when he explained my problem to the other guys, they were happy to help out. That was why they didn’t bring their girls.

I couldn’t think of anything to do at that point but to save face. If I told Don I was pissed at him, then he’d know that I didn’t want Chel screwing around. So I simply said, “You’re right I sure am a lucky guy.”

I went inside and waited for the other guys to finish with her. I couldn’t break anything up or do anything so it just made sense to wait for them to be done and take her to bed. When they were finished with her she was covered in cum and it was leaking out of her pussy and ass hole. When we got to the bedroom, she was on me in a second. Suddenly her energy was back and she was dying for us to make love. I have no idea what came over me but I couldn’t resist her. I had to have her too. She knelt in front of me and sucked my cock. When I got hard she got up on our bed and said, “My butt is all lubed up the way you like it.” I couldn’t say no.

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