A hot night begins

In bed with her lover

Warming her up

He starts to fuck her

Helping her out

Time for your “present”

Chapter 14: Should we tell them?

We were both raised as Christians and remain active in our church. As a result of our conservative beliefs, after her last extra-marital date Suzy suffered considerable guilt. My failure to intervene and our obvious arousal at her adultery provoked a number of conversations about the issue of her fidelity.

We finally agreed that she wouldn’t be guilty of adultery if she dated other men with my approval. Given her post-date blues, it aways suprised me that she’d relied on natural methods during her two couplings with other men. We knew the risks, but she insisted the possiblities of a “suprise” were fairly remote.

Chapter 13: Car Trouble

I knew when I found her looking at Black Studs in the magazine that Suzy was ready for her first interracial sex. She had never hinted that she found Black Men attractive but I knew she was drawn to what she had see on the web about them and white wives. I asked her if she was curious about the talk of size of their equipment, which made her blush. When I asked again she smiled and said “Maybe”. Nothing more was said.

Later that evening I sent an email to her first lover, the baseball player who had met us at the beach. He was glad to hear from me, and was hoping to meet again. I burst his bubble when I told him that my wife was hinting about meeting a Black guy, and since our experience with him had been so good maybe he had a friend on the team that might be interested. He said he’d be glad to help, and knew just the guy, but added that he wanted to get with her again too.

I told him that we talked about using a condom but I knew she would not really like that so the guy had to be open to bareback and that we would require test results. He said that he would contact him and put us in touch if it looked promising. When I asked about this guy he said “He’s young, big, good looking, muscluar, hung and one heck of a ball player”.

Chapter 12: "We’ll See"

On the drive home from the beach we were both quiet. I think the fact that my wife had just had sex outside of our marriage was just starting to sink in for both of us. She was taken multiple times, and to make matters worse, the man had ejaculated inside her.

Our well laid plan had called for the use of a condom, but once caught up in the lust of it all, she not only took his semen without a condom but without birth control as well. I know she felt guilty about the whole thing, and we stopped to get a home pregnancy test on the way home. We went by and picked up the kids at her parents house.

When her Mom asked how our mini vaction was Suzy suprised me by gushing about what a fun outing we had, and that she could hardly wait to do it again. When we made eye contact, she gave me a knowing smile. I guess she wasn’t as upset about our (her) playing as I thought she was. I got the car loaded up, while she talked with her Mom, and we headed home.

Chapter 11: Unexpected Suprise

After that first time on the private balcony of our hotel room they moved inside. But not before She posed for a pic while still showing her post coitial glow. This is one of my favorites as it was the first pic of her when she is carrying another man’s sperm.

Suzy wrapped a towel around herself and sat on the bed while he went to use the bathroom. I sat down next to her and at first she looked worried, then I kissed her and I could feel her smiling. I asked how it was. “Very different” was all she said. “He’s big down there”.

I put my hands between her legs, and she tried to stop me as if embarrassed. “I hope you were ok with him not using a rubber.” I could feel she was wet and greasy. She looked down “I’ve never been filled with so much semen…. did you see the towel I was laying on?” I told her that he had lived up to his promise, and it was a good thing she was on the pill.

Chapter 10: Penetration

Suzy walked on the beach as I sat and watched from a beach chair. She was trying to look relaxed, but was a little embarrased by the attention of guys that were walking by. They couldn’t help but stare. Before long, just as planned, the man we had met came walking toward her. She recognized him and walked to meet him. I could see them talking but could not hear what they were saying.

They looked over at me a couple of times during the conversation, then she kissed him and came walking over to me. “He wants to talk to you” she said. “I’m going up to the room, I’ll see you guys soon.” I could sense her excitement as I watched her walk up the beach to the Hotel. Her ass swayed in a way that told me she was thinking sex. It felt awkward as he walked up, took something out of his pocket and handed it to me. “This is my test, I’m clean… I have a Family too, and would not take a chance myself.” I checked the paper he had given me. “I want to take your wife bareback, and she said it was ok with her if it was ok with you.” I hesitated, but nodded my head .. yes. “Good” he said, “I told your wife I haven’t had sex in weeks saving up for her.” I knew he said this to let her know his load would be huge.

Chapter 9: Meeting

On the way to the Lounge, I could tell she was nervous. With tears forming in her eyes she suggested we call it off. “It seems so wrong, but I want it so bad” she sobbed. “I don’t want to jeopardize our family”. I told her that this was something that I wanted too, and if she did not want to we would simply not do it. To take some of the presure off her, I suggested that when we meet him, If she decided he is the one, that we would tell him to go to a certain area of the beach tomorrow afternoon between 4 and 5 and if he found her there on the beach, they would go to our hotel room. If not, we had changed our minds and we were sorry things didn’t work out. She like the idea and said she loved me.

When we walked into the lounge, the music was pounding and Suzy looked hot. I could see the heads turn as she walked in front of me, her hips starting to sway to the music. In a flash, our contact approached us. After a brief introduction we settled in to have a few drinks, get comfortable with one another and talk about what lay ahead.

Chapter 8: Choices

She was shocked at the huge response to our ad, and it took a while but she finally had found a favorite. “Honey, He is quite the MAN.” I knew what she was driving at as a pic he sent showed that he was very well endowed. When I asked what she meant, she said “Maybe we should meet him … Not that anything has to happen.”

There was no doubt about him wanting her. Weeks of emails and photo swaps made it clear that servicing a married woman was the ultimate turn-on for him. The way she would talk about this guy left no doubt in my mind that she was attracted to him. When we were in bed, I’d encourage her and it didn’t take long before she asked me to set it up and that she’d meet him and maybe more if if we were sure that we could handle it. I assured her that I could indeed handle it.

Chapter 7: The Ad

Now that Suzy’s lust had superceded her striving to maintain the morals of a good wife and mom, we started to talk about how this would happen. We decided against picking up a man in a club. Although we knew she would have no problems finding a willing guy, we didn’t like the unknowns.

I suggested that we put an ad out on the internet for a man who has served as stud for a Couple that was sharing the wife. She didn’t realize you could really do that and had not been exposed to this on the internet yet, so I introduced her. I showed her a number of sites that were dedicated to men sharing their wives, as well as the Dark Cavern. She was embarrassed but captivated by what she saw. I told her to take a look at ads that other couples had sent, as well as look at ads from men looking for wives.

Nothing was said for a couple of weeks, but I noticed she spent a lot more time surfing the web at night after the kids were in bed. Then out of the blue as we were getting ready for work one morning she commented on the size of the black men’s cocks she’d been seeing and how many wives didn’t make their lover wear a condom. She said the pictures left no doubt. I asked if that interested her to which she said “maybe”.

Chapter 6: Wanting More

After that first night she finally gave in and at my urgings went shopping for play clothes. She would doll herself up and dress sexy to attract, then we would go to clubs for her to meet men and dance. I would come in a little later and watch her from a distance.

It got to where once a month or so we would get a babysitter, then go out and play this game. She always wore her wedding ring when we did this. At first she thought it would stop the guys from coming on to her, but it actually had the opposite effect. I think we both thought that nothing would happen. I was sure of it as she still felt guilty, and somehow bad about herself between outings.

The first signs of change happened the fourth time we went out like this. She was approached by a very handsome man in his mid thirties that started a conversation with her and ended up being with her at the club all night. I knew that she was getting bolder when after a slow dance, they walked off the dance floor hand in hand and sat in a booth with a couple of his friends.

Chapter 5: Dancing

Saturday night came and Suzy looked very pretty. She had put on makeup and lipstick a little heavier than usual and had her nails done. When we left she wore a coat that covered her as she didn’t want the babysitter to do a double take. My wife never dressed like this.

The drive there took about an hour as we went to a nearby city as Suzy had requested. On the way there She was obviously nervous. I broke the ice by setting some ground rules for her. I told her to relax, we were just going out on the town like lots of couples, and that’s all. I expected her to dance with whomever she wanted, and to feel free to have fun. I told here we could leave whenever she wanted. This seemed to make her relax somewhat. I told her that she would now see for herself how she would attract other men.

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