A hot night begins

In bed with her lover

Warming her up

He starts to fuck her

Helping her out

Time for your “present”

Chapter 3: Changes

Often, over the next couple of months when we were in bed she would ask why I would want her to dress to attract other men. She said it was not proper or fair to her family for a wife and mother to even consider it. She told me I should not get turned on by the thought of other men being with her as she is my wife. But it got to where she was the one who would bring it up, not me. I could tell it excited her when I hinted that I would like other men to bed her (even if she didn’t want to admit it). I knew she was turned on by our talk. I told her she had a body, that even after two kids, drives men wild. She said I was just being nice and insited she was too fat.

Chapter 2: Taking Pictures

It was the spring of 95 or 96 that I really started to try and get her to loosen up. She was too modest to dress what I would call “sexy”, so I started encouraging her to show off a little more of her body which I think is terrific ( and told her so ). She was hesitant at first because she thinks her butt is too big. I told her to let me take some sexy pictures of her and when she saw them, she would agree that she looks great. She acted suprised and a bit indignant but I could tell she would with a little coaxing.

Chapter 1: Happily Married

Suzy and I had been married about 8 years when I first stared thinking about her dressing more sexy and being with other men. It was only my fantasy, and I hesitated to tell her about it as she was a bit on the conservative side. At the time, we had a great marrige and two wonderful kids. Suzy has always been a devoted wife and a loving mother to our kids. Although I never discouraged it, she would not dress in any way that she thought was improper, and was concerned about what others might think. I wanted to change that.

Stan & Jenn’s Hawaian adventure

First off allow me to give some background on us.

Jenn (wife) is a 35 year old natural red-head. I have a few extra pounds but after 2 kids I think I look OK. My breasts are a large B small C with the usual ravages of child bearing. As for my other my other assets, child bearing as taken my once tiny cute kitty and turn it to a large dumpy house cat. I do my best to keep it trimmed and shaved, but time being what it is. Things do not always get done. We have discussed Plastic surgery to correct and tighten things up, but the time thing… again. I at one time had an unstoppable sex drive, I would have fucked 6 times a day, but this has fallen off also. I still love it, it just take the exact environment, timing and an extended warm up.

My Husband (Stan) has always had the same sex drive, and like most males, is ready to go at the drop of a hat. He has an average body, although has started gaining extra weight with age also. His appendage is a little over average, form my experience, at about 8 inches and just over a handful. He is obsessed with body hair and shaves everything except legs and arms and keeps VERY clean.

Our sex life has always been great and we have always been adventurous. We have talked about inviting others but have never acted on it. We are very open about most everything, we masturbate freely. I don’t even blink to walk into our bedroom to find him jacking off and playing with my toys. We even film each other occasionally for when one will be away. I think we both have some Bi tendencies. He enjoys me mounting him with a strap-on or my double ended dildo and I always enjoyed observing other women’s lips and shapes in locker rooms and such. I still enjoy trying on cloths with my friends Just to see them; at times the smells and tension are intoxicating. So I think we have a pretty open and healthy relationship. Enough about our history and one with my story.

Cindy’s black experience

This all started a few years ago. I have been involved with a married woman named Cindy. She is 5’2″, blonde, petite, blue eyes, 36 with one child by a husband who she hates. We work together, and became romantically involved 5 years ago. I divorced 3 years ago, and we’ve been seeing as much of each other as possible. About 4 years ago, we were having a rendevous at a motel, and out of the blue, as I was fucking her, she whispered, “I bet you’d like to see a big guy on top of me.” I immediately lost control, and started coming very hard. Since then, the idea of watching her in action with another guy turned me on greatly.

I later confessed to her that my ultimate fantasy was to see her in bed with a well hung black stud. She gradually warmed to that idea, and confessed that one night around that time, a black male co-worked had taken her out for a drink at a bar inside a motel after work. She said his objective was evidently to get her upstairs to a room for sex. She was afraid, but said she went home and masturbated thinking about it.

Last summer, she told me she was bringing her favorite “toy” to play with on one of our mid-day trysts. “Wait til you see what I can do with it.” was all she would tell me. After we made love a few times, she brought it out, a 9″ black dildo, as thick as her forearm. I was surprised and turned on as she held it down on the bed and proceeded to ride up and down on it. Cindy is very orgasmic, coming 10 times in a session is not unusual for her. She quickly was in another world, softly moaning as she took more of that toy into her. I reached over, and held down the wide base of the dildo, allowing her to concentrate on pleasuring herself. Within 2 minutes, she was crying out in orgasm as she pumped up and down on her toy. I laid next to her, masturbating with my free hand, and quickly shooting a large hot load across myself as I watched.

How I Became a Cuckold

My wife and I have been married for 28 years and had a pretty good sexual relationship, not much she wouldn’t do in the bed together. I had this fantasy of seeing her with another guy and me, you know, instead of the threesome with me and two women, I wanted to share her with a guy.

I brought it up during our love making but she didn’t respond to it so I kept laying little hints, but nothing. She talked about other women and her and it was a turn on for us both but still not even thing of meeting someone. A couple of years went by, the hints and fantasies kept going until I saw pictures in a trash can at where I worked.

There were about a dozen photos of a married white woman being made love to by a black man in a motel room. They were Polaroid photos and in one picture a white man’s hand was holding the woman’s leg apart for this man with a big thick 8 inch dick. I almost shot off in my pants! He had it buried to the balls in one photo and in another she was sucking on the very tip so it was no doubt how big this man was.

My head was swirling with these pictures in my head. All I could think of is I wanted my wife to have a man like that make love to her, even if he was twice the size of my dick. I found a swinger’s magazine at an adult book store and found a guy that lived a couple of hours away in a big city in NE Florida. I wrote to him and he sent some pictures of himself and I had pictures I had taken of us that I sent back.

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