A hot night begins

In bed with her lover

Warming her up

He starts to fuck her

Helping her out

Time for your “present”

Cinema experience for older man

On the day of my birthday. l was feeling kind of low, being by myself. Not wanting to set around home. l decided to take in a movie. Which was something l had gotten out of the habit of doing some time ago, in favor of watching the old movies on tv, or the history chanel.

l don’t remember the movie’s name. Some thing the young ticket seller sugested to me. But it was of a family guy with a secret violent past. Who was found by the bad guys. Trying to live the quiet life, running a small town cafe.

l had walked up past rows, of the few people in the theater. To the first empty row of seats, about a third of the way up. And sat about a third of the way in. When up came a young well dressed couple. This guy, l should say kid, not much more than twenty. Led this classy, sharp sexy girl, with a nice size dimond on her finger. Down my row past me. Taking a seat just to my left. Which l thought, he must of felt sat him in the center of the screen. She next to me.

Queen Ann Theater Part 1

The wife and I had gone to this Theatre many times to see the latest porno movies, we found that watching these movies could really improve our sex lives. After watching some of these movies would go home and fuck our brains out. Then once while watching movies at the theatre, I saw a woman sitting on the other side of the theatre, she had her skirt pulled up, and her top pulled down exposing her breasts. As I watched the show across the Theatre I could see the man with her kissing her and playing with her breast. As I watched a crowd began to gather around her, and soon she had four or five men crowded around her touching and rubbing her all over her body. Within just a few more minutes she had reached out and taken the cocks of two of the men and was rapidly stroking them over her breasts. Soon one of the men got down between her legs and put his face right in her pussy.

Chapter 27: Scary Questions

On our way to the Resort Mr. Ron asked if we could make a slight change of plan. “Each year, we create a program for the fashion show that is given out to the members which shows the schedule, gives a little bio on the participating wives, the fashions they are modeling etc. There is always a wife selected to be on the cover, and we found out last night that this year’s cover-wife could not make it due to a last minute business commitment required of her husband. We want to ask if Suzy would be the cover wife for this year’s program.” Suzy and I looked at each other… she shrugged and looked at Mr. Ron, and then me. “Sure, I’ll do it… if it’s ok with my Husband.” They both looked at me, and I nodded in approval. Mr. Ron smiled. “Great! In order to get this printed in time we need to take the photos immediately. When we get to the Hotel and get you into your room, Suzy will have a few minutes to freshen up. The items she is to wear for the shoot are already on location and the photographer is there now setting up to get the shots required. It will all be done in a hotel room or on the hotel grounds and shouldn’t take more than a couple hours.” I asked what kind of shots these would be. “They may include a Black male model as well… there won’t be any sex, but there will be nudity…. is that OK?” Suzy looked at me and smiled, then spoke up before I could say anything. “OK… I guess so, I’ve never been a model before”.

Wife alone with lover

Well, it was finally going to happen! I was meeting Simon alone, without Tom. He sent an email letting me know he’d be free for the evening and we quickly agreed on a nice bar downtown. My nervousness was over-ridden by my anticipation. I had always loved being with both of “my” men, but I was curious to see if the chemistry was there without hubby, too. I was soon to find out.

I started getting ready with a long bath. I sugar scrubbed from head to toe, shaved my legs, and carefully shaved my pussy. I wanted any part of me that Simon touched to be smooth, soft, and sweet smelling. I followed my bath with a cool shower, taking care untangle my unruly curls. I imagined Simon soaping me up and caressing my breasts, running his strong hands through my long red hair. I avoided touching myself because I knew I’d go off too soon and I wanted to save that energy for Simon.

Getting dressed, I selected my favorite “girly” bra and panties; dark pink mesh trimmed in cotton candy pink ribbons and ivory lace. I painted my fingernails and toenails a deep blood red while I waited for my hair to dry. By now, I was ready to run out the door as-is, in wet nail polish and pink undies. I’d have gladly waited at the bar for the hour and a half before he got there! Deciding to be a bit less obvious about my eagerness, I finished dressing. Nice, snug jeans, black tank top, and a clingy, low cut brown sweater. A little jewelry and cute sandals and I was ready! I kissed Tom passionately and thanked him for this opportunity and headed out the door.

Vicky in cinema

When Vicki and I were first married, I was really keen on enjoying as many naughty experiences as I could pressure her into.

Vicki was a young, sweet innocent little babe when I met her, and I seduced her all on my own (at first)

She was 5′ 7″ tall, very pretty face, pert young titties, long shapely legs, and sun-blond hair and for some kinky reason I was forever persuading her to go bra-less and even knickerless at times, just when the mood took me, perhaps it was just that I got off on the thrill of learning to control her !

We were visiting central London for a long weekend holiday and saw all the sights, but the Sunday was a dull miserable day, so I marched her into a rather seedy looking cinema and we sat down to watch the film, after just a few moments an old man came and sat next to my pretty wife, and she glanced nervously at me as he leaned over towards her.

Patty’s first mmf

My husband Richard and I decided to try swinging after a hotwifing experience we had on a cruise we had taken. I was very nervous about meeting people online, so instead we booked a vacation to a lifestyle resort. During our stay at the resort, no one could tell I had never been a swinger before this vacation. I suppose it was because I was not shy at all and because of my willingness to jump in and go for it. For the first time I licked, sucked and fondled women and they returned the favor. I found that I really liked it. I loved sucking the husband’s cock after his wife had cum on it. I sucked off three men and of course I swallowed their loads and Richard loved watching me do it. After realizing how easily I took to having sex with others, and how much I enjoyed it, I wanted to do it on a regular basis.

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