A hot night begins

In bed with her lover

Warming her up

He starts to fuck her

Helping her out

Time for your “present”

Our start

As a couple in our mid 40’s we had fallen in to a predictable rut in the bedroom. After watching a swinging segment on the HBO series Real Sex, my wife decided to sign up to AFF. Our idea was to start slow and maybe find another couple or a single female to hang out with and add some spice to our sex life. It was Laura’s job to view the couples and show me the people that she was interested in or was interested in us.

After several weeks of browsing AFF we had basically had come up pretty empty. Either the couples were smokers, had a bunch of tattoos, were heavy or too old. When we found a hottie couple that looked like they might be fun, they thought we were too old. I asked Laura if she was going to keep wasting her time with AFF and she told me that it was fun just browsing the site. Then she told me if we were looking for a single guy we wouldn’t have any problem hooking up with someone hot, in fact she showed me several young hot guys that were interested in hooking up with a couple. I actually thought the idea of Laura with another guy was a hot idea and we used it in our fantasies quite a bit. I told her she had my blessing to explore that idea.

After a week or so she told me that she had been chatting online with a 24 year old guy that was interested in meeting us. His name was Darren and he said he was 6’4”, long and thick and was interested in some mild dominance. Laura told me his large size and age were huge turn-ons for her. We decided to meet for drinks and a local Mexican restaurant for a few evening drinks.

Indiana newbies

My wife and I have talked about the hotwife lifestyle for a couple years and it has been a source of role play and fantasy in our own lovemaking. However, each time that an opportunity arose for my wife to be with another man she would back out at the last minute. I have respected her wishes and desires and thought it would probably never materialize into the real thing. After each missed opportunity she would say she wanted to but it just didn’t seem right and we would end up having great sex together.

Saturday night we went out with a friend of mine who recently was divorced when his wife got a girlfriend and left him for her. We had dinner and then went to a bowling alley and bowled several games. None of us had played in a long time and we basically just threw the ball and had a good time. We returned home a little after midnight and Mark began talking about how he hated going home to an empty house. My wife Debbie asked about his ex-wife and how she found out she was a lesbian and about their sex life while married. She then told Mark he was a great guy and good looking and he should be able to find a woman easily. I was really surprised at how Debbie talked about sex and about how good looking Mark was. He had been a friend for many years and there had never been any talk of sex or interest. She finally told him he should try one of the dating sites on the internet and we decided to post a profile for him.

Hotwife secret

After 14 years of marriage Maria decided she missed out on everything and we separated. It was supposed to be a trial separation for her to find herself. In a way she was probably right She moved from her daddy’s house into mine and at the age of 32 had never really been on her own. She left and with in days began to discover the world she had missed out on. She began hitting the bars 3 or 4 times a week and made enough contacts she had plenty of men to take care of her on the off nights. She must have fucked every man that hit on her. She even fucked most of our friends, even some of the married ones, even my best friend got some of her.

I was heart broken and devastated. I sat at home and pouted and waited for her to realize what she had thrown away. Stupid me. It took meeting Patsy in a coffee shop one morning to open my eyes for me. Patsy was a waitress, 11 years older than I was and she was the one that asked me out. I didn’t see it at the time but she was the mothering, nurturing kind of woman. She saw my pain and set out to heal me. Maria got wind of the new love of my life and it took her 4 nights of calling before she caught me at home. Well it was ok for her to go out fucking every night she would yell at me because she didn’t love them. I had a girl friend. That was against the rules. Shit, who made the rules.

Chapter 26: The Limo

The flight was nerve racking for me. I mulled it over in my mind again and again…. should we even be doing this? I wanted it, and I didn’t… I felt sick, jealous and aroused at the same time. I kept telling myself to relax and have fun. Suzy was having second thoughts too, I could tell by her mood. Because of a strict religious upbringing, between her “Dates” she has felt extremely guilty about what she has done. She prayed for forgiveness for committing adultery and breaking her marriage vows.

I think what bothered her most was that deep inside her body was ripe for sex and craved the aching pleasures of adultery with attractive lovers. She felt that what we were doing was wrong and wanted to put and end to it. She would hold out for a while, sometime months at a time, but then she would lose control… especially if she was drinking. I also think that when she was ovulating her desires overpowered her.

We sat in silence for a while after the plane took off, until she whispered in my ear that she was afraid that people there would recognize her from the Halloween Party. She had wanted to put all of that behind her. “I hope they don’t expect me to unbutton the jacket. Could you imagine… most of my boobs would be on display?” I held her hand and reminded her that this was just a free vacation, and all she was signed up for was a fashion show. We were not committed to the Club to do anything else, and that was spelled out clearly in the agreement. This put her at ease and since it was vacation, she decided it was OK to have a Bloody-Mary.. or two.

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