A hot night begins

In bed with her lover

Warming her up

He starts to fuck her

Helping her out

Time for your “present”

Victoria’s adventure

When my husband introduced me to swinging, I agreed to it because it seemed important to him and I wanted to make him happy. In general I believe European women do not have the sexual hang-ups that American women have. I have been very open to sexual adventures and have evolved into a woman that has tried just about everything sexual. We don’t swing very often, but when we do, we try to make videos for later viewing. I can’t tell you how erotic it is watching yourself in a sexy video. Well-endowed men make the hottest videos, so this is what I look for even though I prefer no more than 7 or 8” and above average thickness for sex, about the size of my husband. Giant cocks are great for playing and viewing, but that’s where it ends for me. I do not understand these women who enjoy having their cervix hammered by a 10” cock. I love sex, but not with just anyone. I’m very selective. Only attractive men with good personalities and the right attitude and no tattoos have a chance at me.

Queen Ann Theater Part 2

As was the custom I had my wife dress in a wrap around skirt, and a see through blouse with no bra. She also wore a garter belt, black seemed stockings, high heels and a pair of lacy black panties that matched the garter belt. When we passed Rockaway Town Square Mall on Route 80, I had her remove her panties and hand them to me. As we drove down the interstate I pulled her wrap around skirt aside and had her slouch down in the seat, so that her pussy was displayed to all of the truckers that we passed as we drove to the Queen Anne. She reclined her seat and lay back so that the truckers could see not only her pussy but her face too. This also allowed me to have easy access to her pussy. When we were between trucks I would use my right hand to stimulate her clit. And so we rode the forty or so miles to the Queen Anne displaying her hot, shaved pussy to 50 or more surprised truckers. While the truckers may have been surprised, her display had made her extremely hot.

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