A hot night begins

In bed with her lover

Warming her up

He starts to fuck her

Helping her out

Time for your “present”

Michelle’s lover

We had many erotic conversations about it, having another man joining in always seemed to get Michelle aroused and she proved it by getting extremely wet every time we talked about it. She usually followed shortly thereafter with an arousing orgasm from me eating her soaking wet cunt or even just masturbating her with my hand. I somehow believed she’d never go through with it, though. She’s a shy person (at first) and certainly wouldn’t approach anyone other than myself about the fantasy.

Recently my erotic story of having another guy came up more and more often and I started to think, “Maybe, just maybe she might go along with it.” Maybe if I surprised her one night by making sure it was completely dark and she couldn’t see that I have another guy in the room she wouldn’t have a chance to think and she would just have to react. After many weeks of exchanging e-mails with Peter, Michelle’s cyber lover, I thought he could “join us”. I arrange to meet with Peter at a local bar. He and I had exchanged erotic e-mails of what we would get up to with Michelle if we ever had the chance and had many bizarre talks about what fun it would be to sneak off with into the bathroom with my lovely wife! Anyway, I told him that I knew Michelle had the fantasy about having two guys at once, advising Peter to keep my wife’s identity a secret as she was unaware of what I was planning. He was definitely interested but wanted to know up to what stage of involvement I was prepared to allow it to go. I told him that Michelle wanted to keep her identity concealed, as she was too embarrassed. I assured him that the my wife was very horny and she would not disappoint him if he would agree to it. After a few good drinks and some coaxing I finally got him to agree to join.

First time MFM

It was a few years ago, we had been in the swinging scene for sometime but always with couples. Although we still enjoy couple fun, there is something to be said for a MFM experience. We met this guy through a mutual aquaintance and hit it off immediately. He was in his mid 50’s well built, divorced and good looking. So one night, feeling horny, I suggested we call and invite him over for a drink. He accepted and we set a date.

The evening he was coming over, I dressed in my sexiest short skirt, black stockings, heels and a loose button up shirt with no bra. My long blonde hair was down and hanging on my shoulders. I was getting horny thinking about what was to cum and a couple of beer really got me relaxed. For those of you who don’t know me, I am 48, with a 38 year old body, slender with big soft boobs, and a shaved pussy.

After the usual small talk and a few more drinks we decided to play a game of strip poker, as Hubby said, to see where it goes.

Queen Ann Theater Part 5

A week after our visit to Rodney’s house we were going to return to his house and pick-up my wife’s video of her gangbang the previous week. As we talked she asked if I would call Rodney and see what if anything he had planned.

I called Rodney and talked about our last visit, I told him that she wanted to return to his home and pick-up her copy of the video of last Saturdays Fun. Rodney said that that was fine and that we could stop by almost any time over the weekend. I asked him if he had planned any surprises for my wife. Rodney said that he had not planned anything for her but that he was having another lady over for some fun with the guys. I asked Rodney if they could handle another lady. Rodney said sure, he did not have a problem with it but that this was going to be a different kind of party from last weekend. I asked how so and Rodney responded that this lady was going to put on a show for the men using toys, vegetables and other large objects to masturbate. He said that the men would be stroking their cocks and cumming on the lady’s face. He told me that the lady would not let them fuck her but she would suck some and jerk them off. He said that it was something called bukkake, and that there would be many more men there than the was last weekend. I told him that I thought that my wife would be interested, and asked him when the party would start. He said that they would be starting at about 7:30 or 8:00 pm tonight. I told Rodney that we would be there.

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