Chapter 27: Scary Questions

On our way to the Resort Mr. Ron asked if we could make a slight change of plan. “Each year, we create a program for the fashion show that is given out to the members which shows the schedule, gives a little bio on the participating wives, the fashions they are modeling etc. There is always a wife selected to be on the cover, and we found out last night that this year’s cover-wife could not make it due to a last minute business commitment required of her husband. We want to ask if Suzy would be the cover wife for this year’s program.” Suzy and I looked at each other… she shrugged and looked at Mr. Ron, and then me. “Sure, I’ll do it… if it’s ok with my Husband.” They both looked at me, and I nodded in approval. Mr. Ron smiled. “Great! In order to get this printed in time we need to take the photos immediately. When we get to the Hotel and get you into your room, Suzy will have a few minutes to freshen up. The items she is to wear for the shoot are already on location and the photographer is there now setting up to get the shots required. It will all be done in a hotel room or on the hotel grounds and shouldn’t take more than a couple hours.” I asked what kind of shots these would be. “They may include a Black male model as well… there won’t be any sex, but there will be nudity…. is that OK?” Suzy looked at me and smiled, then spoke up before I could say anything. “OK… I guess so, I’ve never been a model before”.

Chapter 26: The Limo

The flight was nerve racking for me. I mulled it over in my mind again and again…. should we even be doing this? I wanted it, and I didn’t… I felt sick, jealous and aroused at the same time. I kept telling myself to relax and have fun. Suzy was having second thoughts too, I could tell by her mood. Because of a strict religious upbringing, between her “Dates” she has felt extremely guilty about what she has done. She prayed for forgiveness for committing adultery and breaking her marriage vows.

I think what bothered her most was that deep inside her body was ripe for sex and craved the aching pleasures of adultery with attractive lovers. She felt that what we were doing was wrong and wanted to put and end to it. She would hold out for a while, sometime months at a time, but then she would lose control… especially if she was drinking. I also think that when she was ovulating her desires overpowered her.

We sat in silence for a while after the plane took off, until she whispered in my ear that she was afraid that people there would recognize her from the Halloween Party. She had wanted to put all of that behind her. “I hope they don’t expect me to unbutton the jacket. Could you imagine… most of my boobs would be on display?” I held her hand and reminded her that this was just a free vacation, and all she was signed up for was a fashion show. We were not committed to the Club to do anything else, and that was spelled out clearly in the agreement. This put her at ease and since it was vacation, she decided it was OK to have a Bloody-Mary.. or two.

Chapter 25: Vacation Time

Time passed, and Suzy never mentioned any more about the Halloween party, or the additional lover that had taken her that night. I was wanting to bring the subject up again somehow, but was trying to keep a promise to myself not to push her. I was feeling conflicted and decided that maybe we had already gone too far when I received an email from the guy who had taken her to the party and then sent me the information about the Club. He said in his email that the Club was having a “Fashion Show” at an exclusive resort in Jamaica, and that they wanted Suzy to be one of the models for the fashions that were to be displayed.

I replied, asking him for more detail which he quickly provided. The show was in a couple of months and was to privately exhibit erotic fashions by a world famous designer who also was a member of the club. These were fashions that he would never show to the public, as his business was mainstream and he did not want to endanger his commercial contracts. All the models were hand selected wives of couples that were either already members, or that had been exposed to the Club but had not yet committed. He said that a poll was taken, and that due to the Halloween party, we were the couple that most members wanted to see brought into the fold.

Chapter 24: The Club

When Suzy got back from teaching her Sunday school class, she was tired and needed to take a nap. I knew that the party had worn her out, both physically and mentally. I took the kids to the park so she could have some peace and quiet. We ended up spending most of the day there, and when we got home, she was her cheery self in the kitchen making dinner. I wanted to ask her more about the “Wife Breeding” comment, and waited until we had gone to bed. She had not spoken any more about that evening, so I decided to bring up the subject. “Are you going to need to test?” I asked as she climbed into bed. “No… I don’t think so, it wasn’t the right time of the month,” she replied knowing I was referring to the possibility of pregnancy from her bareback coupling at the party. She ended up getting one on Monday just to be sure.

Chapter 23: Pillow Talk

I was amazed at her story, and the type of Halloween party it turned out to be. Went to bed and continued to talk into the early morning. Suzy had now taken three separate lovers, two of them Black Men and she had coupled with them all unprotected. I asked her if she had seriously considered having a baby by someone other than myself. She opened her mouth in astonishment. ” Honey… I could never do that to you. I’ll always love you and I would never hurt your feelings like that… What kind of wife do you think I am? ” Part of me was glad to hear her say that. I could see her face had flushed red, and I replied that based on her experiences so far, this was a real possibility unless she started using birthcontrol.

Chapter 22: The Party Takes a Turn

Suzy noticed a change as the lights were turned down a little lower. Then the music turned more romantic and her date asked her to dance. They danced holding each other closely and he whispered in her ear how sexy she was. He danced her out to the center of the room to a large upholstered stool that was low enough to be used as a coffee table. He backed her up against it then pushed her back as he kissed her until she sat down. He then rolled her on her tummy, and had her get up on her hands and knees. He kissed her once more, and before she could raise her voice to stop him, he had lifted her polka dotted skirt and displayed her charms to those who had began to gather round. It was then that Suzy realized that the few people left at the party wanted to watch her.

Chapter 21: Pretty at the Party

I put the kids to bed early, but could not go to sleep myself. I was worried about my wife, and was relieved at about 2:00 AM to get a call from her date. He said she was on her way home, and that there were some pics taken that he would send me. I wanted to see them, so I didn’t let him know I was upset about allowing pictures to be taken of Suzy dressed like she was. Nobody had said anything about pictures being taken.

Soon after he finished telling me his side of what went on, I heard a taxi pull up to the house. Suzy was home from her Halloween party. She looked tired, but hugged my neck and told me that she loved me. I asked her what happened. I realized I sounded pushy, but I couldn’t wait. My wife had gone on a date with a Lover, and I wanted to know what happened. She could tell I was wired about this, so she said if I made some coffee, she was going to take a shower and when she got back she would tell me over a cup of coffee.

Chapter 20: Second Thoughts

Once Suzy had left, I started feeling a little worried. I know her date had shown his friends some pictures of what a sexy woman Suzy is, as I had provided them when he asked. He cc’ed me on email correspondence with his friends, so I knew he had bragged that he “had always wanted to knock-up a white wife”. He elaborated that when he had fucked her bareback she wasn’t using birthcontrol.

Chapter 19: The Party

Weeks went by and nothing was said about her meeting with other men. I was not going to push her to go on another date unless she signaled that she wanted to. Suzy volunteered to teach Sunday School, and with the kids and work, we had a busy schedule. I thought often about what we had done, I had talked my wife into becoming an Adultress, and she had done so willingly and added a naughty twist by taking her lovers without using birth control. I would get hard just thinking about what she had done and hoped she would do it again someday.

I suspected it wouldn’t take long, and soon I received an email from the young Black ball player she had dated. He was wanting to take her to a private party. He asked me to show the email to Suzy and ask if she would be his date. He also added that He doesn’t think that I would be able to attend and asked if it would it be ok for her to go with him alone. I wrote him that I didn’t like the idea and didn’t want her having sex without me there, but I also asked more about this party.

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