I Loan My Wife

We have a true hotwife marriage. She’s a slut and he loves having a slut for a wife. Sometimes that means a MFM threesome, sometimes that means she fucks other guys while he watches, and sometimes she plays alone. We’re both deeply in love with each other and we mutually enjoy our (or her) activities.

Dallas Hotwife

I am an olive-skinned late 30’s Hotwife with curves in all the right spots, very dark brown eyes and I have long, dark hair that is naturally wavy/curly. For the last few years I have enjoyed being a Hotwife, as I like to flirt, be hit on and be desired. I love it when a sexy man or couple tells me that they think I am beautiful. That is such a turn on for me. I like to know that I am wanted, but not necessarily in an obvious way. I want there to be some mystery involved. This entices me, while allowing me to have fun. I want to determine that throughout conversation, actions, facial expressions, and fun flirting. I love sexual puns!

Becoming a Hotwife

This is not a porn site or fantasy. It is useful information on my lifestyle and the chronology of how and why my husband and I entered this lifestyle and our transition to now.

An English Posh Milf

An English couple with a posh milf Hotwife, who loves to dress and tease. We love amateur glamour, and encourage you to reblog me, submit posts, pictures and comments.

Real Hotwife

Vixen Hotwife and Stag husband that are fiercely loyal, madly in love, and soul mates from the start. I have a passion creating experiences for her that are thrilling and sexually liberating. She enjoys experiencing other men in the context of a safe, secure, and loving marriage in which I stay absolutely faithful to her. She appreciates my passion and whole heartily accepts my gift by enjoying it to its fullest all while remaining fiercely loyal to her husband. We have become the best of friends and grown closer than we ever could have imagined because of it, and through it.

Feisty Little Leopard

Home of the Saturday Night Flash and Shower Scenery Sunday. Ladies I’d love your submissions on these days. Many images are mine and others are submissions or just posts that turn me on.

Lilly B Goddess

Lilly B and Daddy love to share their sexual fun and photos with like minded people. Lilly loves to show off a little and get fan feedback. She is truly a beauty and she is very real and posts a lot of herself here. all of our pics are original as long as you see lillys name on them. Daddy does the picture magic and he may post occasionally. we are swingers, he is straight and she is bi.

My Russian Hotwife

We love to meet new people, couples and females only. My wife chooses her own toys. We are a MWC residing in the southern US. I am 40 and my wife is 29. We love to meet new people, primarily couples and females. My wife chooses her own toys. We are into the hotwife lifestyle and I love seeing my wife get ready for her dates and I love getting text pics from her of her dates. We are 100% real and all posts on here are of us or her and her dates.

My Hotwife Shared

My wife got into the hotwife lifestyle a few years ago at my urging. When we first talked about it she said she wasn’t sure if it would be her thing but that she was “open minded.” She took her first new cock several weeks later. She took to it like…

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