About Us


We are a married couple from Greece, male 42 – female 40, married for 7 years.

Our love life was “ordinary” until recently, without anything remarkable.

We slowly began to expirement sexually, mostly “playing” with our fantasies. After some time I finally told her my biggest fantasy was to see her fuck with another man.

At first she couldn’t believe it. She thought I was joking or even “testing” her. She also believed that this was an excuse for me to fuck around.

I said that even after 15 years together I still crave for her like the first day. What I feel for her is much more than lust and this is the reason I shared my biggest fantasy with her. No need for “dark spots” between us.

In the beginning it was hard for her to accept this. It was also hard for me as well and I feared that it was too much for her.

As time passed she seemed to get used to the idea and started to participate to this “game”. She started to open up and finally told me that this fantasy excited her also. She hadn’t done anything like this in the past but the thought of it made her horny.

We moved to the next step of our “game” with her dressing hotter when we were going out, making both of us excited and horny with the thought that she draws the attention of other guys.

In the summertime she started to wear on the beach some sexy bikinis I bought for her, revealing and transparent, watching the lustful stares of men. We even started nudism when possible…

Today we are at the point of her wearing short, semi-transparent dresses when we go out, without panties and her clean-shaved pussy and tits visible beneath the thin fabric. Many guys stare her and she tease them letting some lucky fellows see something more…

I don’t know if we’ll take the next step. It is a giant leap from fantasy to reality. In the meantime we enjoy our games and fantasies and fuck like crazy every time.

This site was first created on 2009 and was hosted on Blogger. We moved on to our own domain recently and created 4 different sites/blogs:

  • Hotwife Fantasy Play: This is only the “gateway”/”portal” for the others, plus some info.
  • Hotwife Fantasy Galleries: A blog with our collection of photos and erotic stories.
  • Hotwife Fantasy Videos: A blog where we post our favourite videos. We upload some and we link/embed others.
  • Hotwife Fantasy: A blog written in greek language, created for our friends from Greece.

All of the material here is found on the internet and we post it here for all of you who like this fantasy. In the Greek blog you can find photos, stories, videos etc. that friends and members send to us. If you believe that something shouldn’t be here, contact us.

Because of the platform change from Blogger to our domain, many posts in the sites/blogs need “fixing”, many links are “dead” etc. Be patient as we will soon organize them better.

Enjoy our Sites